Monday, March 2, 2015

a getaway to carmel-by-the-sea

carmel-by-the-sea is just as charming as the way the
name rolls off the tongue. it's one of the ideal getaways
from san francisco, and coming here is a breath of
fresh air. it's a place to slow down, relax, take in
the beauty, stroll, and watch the sea sparkle.
this little town and area is near-and-dear to my heart
after coming for tennis camp during summers
growing up, and now we love any chance to head 
down just 2 hours from the city to the perfect getaway.
here are a few favorites from town...more posts of
monterey, the 17 mile drive, our hotel, and the beach
are on the way! this area is too beautiful to cram it
all into just one post :) so bear with me!
as you wander around you see things like this ^^
"penny lane," a wooden gate, and cutest flowers.
the streets & homes look like a fairy tale!
we stayed at one of my favorite hotels we've been to
{more on that here} .. and we were steps from the
beach so we made sure to stroll here every morning.
good friends make a good place even more fun.
we stuffed ourselves at the best classic breakfast spot in
town, katy's place. you can't miss it, and you don't want to!
everything is such high quality here, and they do it right.
you can order one of many types of eggs benedict, coconut
pancakes, hot chocolate piled with whipped cream + 
sprinkles, and on and on. don't miss this spot in carmel!

this area has so many visitors, yet it always feels quiet,
low-key and charming. you have no choice but to be
relaxed in this town. there are lots of art galleries, 
boutiques, and darling stores to browse.
and as long as you're slowing down and relaxing, a 
good spa is the perfect activity in carmel. this is the 
place to treat yourself! kendall and i loved getting 
pedicures at signature day spa. it's a great location 
right in town so you can wander from shopping 
straight to a little bit of pampering, and it's top notch 
when it comes to products and services. the owner 
is an expert on all these things, and she's created 
such a warm, cute environment for this spa. it's the 
perfect place to go while on a girls trip to get 
pedicures or facials all together! this was such a treat.
let's definitely not forget one of the best places in
carmel, the cottage of sweets. it has to be the cutest
building in town, and definitely the best treats. it has been 
carmel's sweet shop since 1959, and it still has the most
classic feel with homemade fudge, imported european
candies, and every kind of licorice imaginable.

we definitely got our fair share of sweets.

there are just a handful of places i can think of
that really draw a lot of people yet maintain the charm
and easiness of a small town. laguna beach, cannon
beach, and carmel-by-the-sea are my very favorites on
the west coast..and this is the closest to us! so i think
we need to come back down into this fairy-tale land
much more often. . .and i hope you visit too!

more from carmel ::
our beautiful hotel la playa, refuge spa,
the famous 17-mile drive, and time in
monterey exploring the aquarium..  



  1. What an adorable little town! I want to go visit!

  2. This has been on my list of places to visit forever! Nothing sounds better than a nice relaxing trip complete with good food and a pedicure!!

    1. it was soo nice to slow down for a weekend . . . i'm glad it's on your list!

  3. I can't get over these gorgeous pictures! I've never heard of Carmel-by-the-sea and now I'm dying to go. This doesn't even look like a real town. My goodness...

    1. haha it feels like a dream! love it so much and you need to go!

  4. Such a cute little city!!! We wanted to go when we head back to California!! I love that you guys got some pampering in and those dessert treats look so good!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

    1. let me know when you head to the west coast next! :)

  5. Ah, it looks so quaint and heavenly!! It's pretty dog friendly down there, right? I've been wanting to take a road trip down there with our dog!!

    1. it is SO dog friendly! signs on shops honestly read: dogs welcome! and they are everywhere. i just finished a new post about our hotel and the beach full of the CUTEST dogs. your dog would love it!!!

  6. What a perfect little city! It looks like you had fantastic weather!

    1. it was so nice with a little bit of rain mixed in saturday morning which was cozy!

  7. I love Carmel! It is one of my favorite cities to visit!

  8. The beach photos are the prettiest I have seen. You got the best weather in Carmel.
    I also love the waffle and hot chocolate pictures. A girl after my own heart. Looks like Dusty and Kendall had a great time and made it even more fun for you guys.


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