Monday, December 31, 2012

goodbye 2012

we can't believe 2012 is almost over!!!!
it was quite the year...we loved it, and can't wait for 2013!
here is a little video recap of our 2012 year:
and below is our "2012 yearbook" i made chase for christmas..
2012 was a huge year for us, we loved it and can't wait to see 
what the new year brings! happy new year's eve to all!

the end..

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

christmas 2012

our first christmas married was amazing!
we are so lucky we got to come home and celebrate with family..
after a fun christmas eve, we stayed at chase's parents house and woke up
christmas morning to go see his nieces & nephews open their gifts..
then we came back to their house to have a breakfast and open gifts.
later we headed to my house and had the best christmas dinner 
with dessert, games, a movie, and a fire while the snow fell. it was perfect!
^^ my street on christmas morning ^^
^^ christmas breakfast with chase's family ^^
^^ all of chase's presents for me...lucky wifey! ^^
all ready for christmas dinner with my family!
 we had amazing beef tenderloin with gorgonzola bernaise sauce..
to die for! we also had salad, twice-baked potatoes, asparagus, homeade
rolls, and chocolate souffl├ęs to finish off the best meal.
^^ dunn fam ^^
the littles make christmas even more fun!
love our nieces & nephews.
^^ the boys with their new polo shirts/sweaters ^^
^^ one of my parents' amazing gifts to us..we are staying in that amazing house
in laguna beach in april, and they are all coming to SF for fleet week! can't wait! ^^
^^ we had to get this sign for my mom since that is basically her motto ^^
is it obvious that i like polka dots?
^^ my mom got her dream lululemon jacket from my cute dad..she loved it!
..and somehow i ended up with one too..spoiled. we love being twinners! ^^
chase spoiled me this year with clothes, an amazing new canon camera
and lens, and a new iphone!!! i gave him a new embroidered robe, a laptop case,
a book of our 2012 year, and a fun trip to the coast to stay in a lighthouse 
with our friends back in CA!! it was fun to spoil each other our first christmas.
this is the little getaway we are going on
with our best couple friends in CA!
 last but not least, we were so excited to give my parents this gift we had worked on for a while..we recreated a classic picture of them in SF when they were young, and framed them next to each other! needless to say, they loved it!
it was so fun to give them a meaningful gift..that is the best part of christmas!
we loved our first christmas and can't wait for the new year!

Monday, December 24, 2012

christmas eve

christmas eve is like a holiday of its own..we love the anticipation & magic of it. this year we had an amazing one, and now we can't WAIT for christmas tomorrow!

we finished wrapping all of our gifts,
my mom took us to get a massage {spoiled}
we had a gorgeous snowstorm, which set us up for a perfect white christmas!
we celebrated with family 
had an amazing christmas eve dinner with our favorite dessert from market street...
raspberry almond torte!
my cute aunt gave me the sweetest gift, a handmade quilt..such a labor of love!
ready for christmas!
merry christmas eve! can't wait for tomorrow!