Sunday, December 16, 2012

a night at the nutcracker

the san francisco nutcracker was the perfect date 
night on friday! it was so festive and fun..and my 
cute husband was so darling to sit through his first ballet 
for me. halfway through the show, he leaned over and whispered.."what is going on?" haha, i don't think 
he knew that there is no talking or singing in ballet. 
it may have been his first and last time at one!
we had a yummy french dinner at la boulange de hayes right in SF.
i got my favorite croque monsieur.. so needless to say, i was a happy girl.
after dinner we stopped by the cutest bakery in san francisco
called miette. the displays alone are worth going in to see, plus
their macarons are top notch! i need to try chantal guillon to compare.
after dinner and strolling around, we headed off to the opera house for the nutcracker..
the opera hall is so gorgeous and was decorated so festive!
the snow scene was the best part by far
i love this cute husband who was willing to take his wife to the ballet!
after dinner we were so excited to try the famous smitten ice cream, but 
once we got back to our car we discovered the only downer of the night...
our window had been shattered and someone had taken chase's briefcase 
and it could have be worse, but it was not fun to deal with!
we did not let the car break-in ruin our fun night.
i'm grateful for my husband who always stays positive and takes
care of things. he had his nice watch, laptop, and so many important
documents in his briefcase that was stolen, but he just took it
in stride and said he was glad we were both okay. he called the cops
and insurance, and had the window fixed by the next day.
what a guy! hope everyone's weekend was fabulous!



  1. Wow! I can't believe how calm your husband was about the robbery. At least you are both okay.

  2. So glad you both are safe! Looks like you had a great time (besides the window)
    Happy holidays!

  3. Wow your husband sounds like a saint, I would have been losing my mind. Glad you both are safe though and that you had a great date night.

  4. Looks like you guys had a lovely night! and sorry about your car break-in :( & glad both of you are safe.. the materialistic stuff can always be fixed!


  5. That looks like such a fun night! I love watching ballets. Sorry about the break-in, but very glad you both are safe. Your husband is such a patient guy. You both are so darling. Happy holidays!

  6. Fun night! I love SF. :) where is that lil bakery at exactly? I love macaroons!

    1. hey! that original location of miette is just a few blocks from the opera house, in hayes valley.. {octavia street} XO

  7. Aww so cute - what a fun night! I love the Nutcracker :)

    Pearls & Paws

  8. ugh...dang people that break into cars! i've had that happen too. super lame!

    glad it didn't totally ruin your night. i got my hubs to go to the nutcracker with me last year, but i couldn't seem to talk him into it this year...dangit! ;)

  9. That is too funny that he asked what was going on! My bf has seen The Nutcracker and Swan Lake with me, he's a pretty good sport about it!

    That's a bummer about your car but such a wonderful thing that your husband stayed positive and didn't let it ruin your guys' fun night =)

  10. oh my so sad about your car!! I can't believe there are people out there that would do that! so frustrating to deal with too:(
    But looks like you had a fabulous night before that. The nutcracker is the best at Christmas!

  11. I am in love with this for so so many reasons! My husband sat through a ballet for me too, the Nutcracker last winter! I am trying to get him to go again, but he said he would only go if I let him make fun of boys wearing tights.. haha. And I am so jealous you got to go in San Fran. That is a dream. They are amazing. Also. So cute and so nice to have a husband so positive that doesn't let awful moments ruin the special ones. You guys are adorable, as always!

    Love, The Skinnys

  12. what a guy that chase is!

  13. I love the Nutcracker! I know the ballet can be daunting for newbies like Chase but it sounds like he did a pretty good job. I hope he would be willing to give it another try!
    That really sucks about the briefcase and lap top though :(

    Just wanted to let you know that I've been following this blog for a bit now but I got a new email address so I had to re-follow you guys. Sorry for the confusion!

  14. thanks for sharing.

  15. I hate thieves! I've had many things stolen from my car when they were hidden in glove compartment, console, or trunk including video camera and DSLR camera :(
    I'm glad you had an amazing evening other than the break in.

  16. What a perfect date. It takes a real man to take his wife to the ballet! Maybe my hubby will take me one day. He would probably be as confused as Chase was haha. Sorry to hear about the break in though!


  17. Sorry about your break-in! What a bummer. But glad to hear you had a wonderful evening despite and kept a great attitude. Great job, Chase (as always), pleasing your wife! ;-) I love ballet & French culture. With a name like "Jacquelyn Michele" how could I not? Thanks for your city guides ~ you need to give us a Paris/UK/European one! Have a fun Christmas . . . (I'll actually be in CA).

  18. The Nutcracker is so much fun! I actually performed in it when I was in ballet. It's a great way to jump start your holiday. Sad to hear about the break in though, but I'm happy you both were able to stay positive! It takes a lot of heart to look at the bright side of that situation.
    Wishing you two a very Merry Christmas!<3


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