Tuesday, December 4, 2012

tuesday ten

..ten things we are currently obsessed with..

1. the paris vs. new york book. my cute friend gave me the postcard set of these, and after living in paris and loving NYC, i am so in love with these comparisons. obsessed is an understatement. they are so brilliant, well-designed, and spot on! 
watch this little video to get a better idea of it.

2. the fact that two of my favorite things are partnering: j.crew and teach for america. our favorite clothing store is supporting the movement we are part of! 
we are proud to be corps members in teach for america, 
and even more proud now that we can be stylish about it. :)

3. these. no explanation needed.
4. finding little love notes around the apartment all the time

5. williams-sonoma sprinkles. i love the jars, and i can't wait to 
use them for some christmas cookie decorating!

6.  having an east coast pen pal//best friend to send letters to

7. this puppy..

8. my cute tennis team. we just got these pictures back...loved coaching them!

9. this darling combo
 10. travel..and our upcoming adventures! 


what are you obsessed with today?
which numbers (1-10) are your favorites in this list?


  1. ok I want that ice cream cookie sandwich now lol. :)

  2. I want to know more about Teach for America and how you're involved with it. I'm interested. You should do a post about it or something :).

    1. hi! we are TFA corps members in our first year right now.. we did a post here, http://chaseandem.blogspot.com/2012/08/teach-for-america.html
      and we will do another post soon for sure! thanks for your interest about it! xo

  3. You two are so cute. These all are so great! I'm obsessed with writing letters.

  4. I wore the TFA shirt to school last Friday and other teachers AND the kiddos LOVED it! As a '09 Corps member I was OBSESSED when I saw it in the store!

    1. LOVE that you were a corps member..where?

  5. I agree with Kelsey above, I'd love to hear more about Teach for America and what you do for them!

    Now, what is that cookie deliciousness up there??

    And your husband may possibly be the sweetest, that is adorable!

    1. oh my goodness..homemade cookie ice cream sandwiches...HEAVEN! we had them first at the famous diddy riese in LA, and now we are seeing them everywhere! just two fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, and scoop ice cream in the middle to make a sandwich!!

      about teach for america, we did a post here-- http://chaseandem.blogspot.com/2012/08/teach-for-america.html
      and we will do another post soon for sure! thanks for your interest about it! xo

  6. Number 6 is my fave for sure!!! Can't wait to get that letter pen pal! :)

  7. I love #2, what a great cause, and it is SO sweet that you and your husband are doing it together.

    That ice cream sandwich is a close second. :)

  8. Cookie and ice-cream sandwiches are so good – almost as sweet as that little love note! x

  9. Ohhhh, that cookie!!!!!

    I'm having a blog hop right now and you should come get in on some of that love. ;-)

  10. I want that cookie!
    Thanks for joining my Bloghop

  11. I love the j.crew TFA shirt!

  12. I SO wish I had a penpal! I need to get on that :D

    following back!


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