Sunday, May 20, 2012

showered with love

we just had our tenth and final wedding shower...
we are the luckiest! we're so overwhelmed with the 
love and support we've had for our wedding. 
we have so many loved ones and we can't thank 
them enough for throwing us such fun celebrations 
and truly showering us with love.

couple friends shower. 

LOVE all of these people.
thanks to richie + sarajane for hosting!

rigby family shower
thrown by chase's cute mom + sister.
^^ my grandma ginny and chase's grandma ann. babes!
^^ love our moms + grandmas!

chi omega shower 
thrown by meg + amanda and 
my darling college friends! 

^^ this was our very first shower, so we 
weren't very good at the games! :)

my family shower. 

 thrown by my darling aunts + grandma. my aunt laurie
goes all out in everything she does, it was perfect. 
^^ all my VERY favorite ladies were at this one!

high school friends shower 
"flower shower"
thrown by the cutest friend abby.
^^ these two were good sports to be at so many showers!

my ward shower
 and, ward shower! the best ward and neighborhood ever!
^^ adore these ladies. look at them! can you believe
they all live on my street! best neighborhood.
^^ best gift ever!!!!!!!

i know, it's crazy that we still had more showers.
blame my parents! they have so many friends
and amazing people in their lives who are so generous!

family friends shower

^^ family friends shower thrown by
the mccullough's, daltons, english's.
 so many fun celebrations with favorite people!

chase's ward shower 
and, chase's ward shower full of such amazing women!
^^ these two 

neighborhood shower
and, the greatest shower with so many
amazing family friends in the neighborhood
thrown by none other than patti clements. the best!
lifelong family friends!
^^ cutest lady who i love

dunn family luncheon
a final shower luncheon thrown by my dad's
side of the family at the classy town club!

 both of our DARLING grandmas at
the town club luncheon shower.
^^ classiest dunn women luncheon 
at the town club!

so grateful for our many fun gatherings..
we are blessed and have been showered with love!


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  1. Oh my goodness! I have never heard of so many showers you lucky girl! ;)


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