Wednesday, May 30, 2012

wedding planning

 last details of wedding planning including:
sending invites out, my bachelorette party
planned by the greatest friend, finishing our
registry, getting our marriage license, and
taking bridals! it's ALMOST HERE!
^^ maria is the ideal friend to plan a bachelorette party
while keeping it classy yet sassy. she had just enough
embarrassment mixed in to such a fun night!
thanks maria for the best last
lady's night out including trio
dinner, gifts + games (we won't 
mention those... :) and a night's 
stay at the little america hotel!
it was perfect.

also...haven't updated on a few things
but we finished our registry,
sent invites, (!!!!)
got our marriage license,
(LOVE what chase put in this box :)

and, did our bridals!
(full post of them here
but i loved these "behind the 
scenes" shots from the iphone)

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