Saturday, June 30, 2012


the best part about living in LA is all of our friends who live down here too!
this week we got to see friends, had visitors, and a facetime session or two.
we are the luckiest!
we love having richie and sarajane living down here! 
we had the best beach day and picnic at santa monica.
 we met up with brynn last week at the beach near our apartment...
we're so excited for her wedding in santa barbara later this month!
best visitors! we loved having our cute family here.
thanks dad for the dodgers tickets!!
more fun with richie & saj
the east high boys reunited in CA!
love having brady down here
cute cousin trav visiting
so fun to see pat down in newport
loving huntington beach with our family!
last but not least...even though we can't be with this girl,
we love getting to facetime with her! miss you jeff & whit & maddie mae!


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  1. We love living so close to you two! Let's soak up these next few weeks! xoxo


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