Sunday, July 1, 2012

one month!

dear marriage: 
i can't believe you've been with us for one whole month now. nothing is better. i already love being a wife. i love having a husband and partner and best friend. i love going on morning runs together to the beach. i love being together just the two of us in our new city. i love our tennis matches. i love our date nights. i love our search for the best pad thai in town. i love sampling every frozen yogurt flavor before picking one. i love your singing in the shower. i love doing everything together. i love our love. and i love that it's permanent.

one month of this marriage adventure down.
one month of waking up next to my best friend.
one month of being mr. & mrs.
one month of starting our life & moving away together.

in just our first month of marriage we have:
  • honeymooned in jamaica
  • been to chicago
  • packed up and moved to california
  • started TFA training in los angeles
i can't wait for all of the minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years ahead together. 
i love that our wedding was on the first of june, so that each time we refresh and start a new month it's a reminder of our love and it's one more month together!
i love you chase t!
*a few pictures from the best day of our life...
we can't wait to get all of them back soon!

look at husband's darling gifts to me for our 1 month!
he is too good to shoes, new shirt, & new wallet.
and here is how we celebrated ONE MONTH:
here's to many more!

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  1. Emi you are so dang cute and I am so glad that you guys are having the best time! It sounds like a dream already. We miss you guys but good luck with teaching this week! Both of you!


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