Saturday, July 14, 2012

venice beach

abbot kinney boulevard 
this street in venice beach has the most unique stores in 
all of california. the restaurants and shops that line this street are amazing. 
we love farmer markets and street fairs..and this weekend we met 
the greatest people who were dedicated 
to getting their homemade products to people.
here's a few of our favorites:

you walk into tumbleweed & dandelion and feel like you've left reality and stepped onto pinterest's front porch. anyone walking through this converted 1920's victorian-made-shoppe would love it. 
it's an incredible store with antiques and handmade furniture. maybe when we're rich 
someday we'll stop back into buy, but for now that pinterest board will have to do.
the back porch..
i loved the flower truck and jenifer the owner told us all about how she drives around santa monica
and does business right out of the floral truck...she even delivers. we thought it was such a fun
idea, and it must smell pretty good driving around in that truck with all the flower scents!
abbot kinney boulevard always has things going on. last weekend was "first night," an event
where literally every food truck in town lines the street and creates a food fair. needless to say,
we loved that. it happens every first friday of every month. we highly recommend it.
there is a lot do in LA and venice is just one small part of what adds to the character of this city..
we're still discovering it all, but we're lucky to live close to such a fun part of it!

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