Tuesday, July 24, 2012

wedding pictures part four: reception!

apologies for the four wedding posts..the picture overload ends here!
we have loved re-living the best day of our lives and love having these pictures.
below are some photos from the actual reception. 
our goal was to mingle and enjoy ourselves,
have NO line, to dance, and to actually eat our wedding food
{everyone says they never even tasted their wedding food},
 we accomplished all of those and enjoyed 
the night so much! it was truly  a dream wedding and 
something we'll remember forever & ever. 
we loved our band, the joe muscolino band.
they provided perfect music and learned our first dance song just for us!
our first dance was to
"head over heels" by april mclean
father-daughter dance...cried the entire song!

love every one of these girls so much!
cutting the cake!
no cake smashing for us!
our wedding cake was amazing...we had different layers of 
almond poppyseed, red velvet, and chocolate coconut.
we saved the top to freeze and keep for 
our 1 year anniversary so i'm glad we'll get more then!

such a fun and unique part of our reception was our sorority & fraternity serenades..
we loved being college sweethearts and being in greek row together, and it was so fun to have the chi omega girls sing to me, followed by the sigma chi's singing the 
sweetheart song and giving me a million roses! 
XΩ + ΣΧ = 
hugs & roses from the sigma chi's
dancing as mr. & mrs.!
my mom was the life of the party dancing with all the groomsmen!
my mom and her new son-in-law
you can tell what a good dancer my groom is from this picture
cute parents dancing
we're so happy everyone danced and made our wedding a party!
my groom being thrown in the air...haha i'm glad 
he came out of the reception in one piece!
cute groomsmen
bouquet toss!
caught by amanda...perfect! 
we did the garter toss a little bit differently...wrapped it around a football
and threw that! it was hilarious and definitely more manly than flinging it!
we were so sad to have the best night of our lives 
end, but the magical exit made up for it!
father of the bride moment...so sad to say goodbye!



  1. WOW!
    This is a dream wedding party!

  2. Gorgeous!!! Holy cow! You did such a great job putting your reception together, it looks like! Love the striped skirts, your dress with the longer sleeves, and that CAR! Gorgeous! All of it!
    And I also don't think you need to apologize for sharing something special to you. ;)
    So happy for you and your Prince Charming!

  3. these pictures are absolutely stunning.

  4. In awe!! Such a beautiful reception :]

  5. Beautiful space, lovely for a wedding or large party. Nice location and amazing views too. Service here was superb, food was delicious and the space overall was ample for the amount of people we had there.
    bouquet toss songs

  6. They have a great bar and bartender! They kept the guests happy and kept the drinks flowing. If I could attend this place again, I would!
    Wedding venues in San Antonio


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