Wednesday, July 25, 2012

santa barbara

we spent such a nice weekend in santa barbara...
how can you not love this town?
so charming, relaxed, & secluded.
the best part was, we got to go to a 
wedding while we were there so it made it even better!
pictures of the wedding to come, but for now
here are a few pictures of our fun weekend.
we loved their fresh farmers market- 
our favorite new fruit we tried was the pluot: a plum/apricot hybrid!
the newest craze here in california is the acai bowl...
everyone has had acai, but have you had the bowl?
i have heard so much about it, and finally we got one...
it didn't disappoint! everyone has to try one of these!
we visited the mission & presidio in SB...had to get our historic kick!
 lastly, a stop in santa barbara wouldn't be complete without 
brunch at jeannine's for their famous carmelized
banana french toast!
we highly recommend this restaurant and santa barbara.


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  1. Lovely photos!
    It looks like a fun and interesting weekend!


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