she likes soy milk, he likes 2%. 
she speaks french, he speaks spanish. 
she’s from park city, he was born in virginia. 
she was a chi omega, he was a sigma chi. 
she likes the rain, he likes the sun. 
she's left handed, he's right handed. 
she loves lemon in her ice water.. he doesn't. 
she loves to cook, he loves to eat. 
they live in california. 
they love going out to breakfast.
they love dogs and love the utes.
they have blue eyes. 
they have blonde hair. 
they work at google.
they reside in san francisco.
they love to travel & have adventures. 
but most of all they love each other., for the story that led to all of this...
they met in college at a back-to-school carnival 
in  august 2009.
he was a sigma chi, and she was a chi omega.
they started out as just friends.
they went country dancing on their first date.
they went on a few more dates here and there 
but also dated lots of other people. he found her on 
new years eve 2010 and just missed the countdown…
no kiss, but they cuddled for the first time.
she traveled all over and was gone a lot.
he dated other girls. he finally saw her again 
one night on campus. he decided he was done dating other girls.
he started to pursue her.
she resisted.
he courted her the old-fashioned way
he picked her up for late night rides on his vespa. 
he dropped off her favorite treats. 
he left notes on her car. he took her dancing. 
he took her out to nice dinners. 
he got her to try sushi for the first time.  
she was leaving to intern in washington DC.
he didn’t give up.
she left to the east coast.
he surprised her with a 
visit over the 4th of july.
she started to fall for him.
she came home a few months later.
they dated. 
they lived a few houses away on greek row.
they started to fall even more. 
he left to intern in DC the next semester.
they missed each other.
she visited him. they went 
to new york for valentines day.
he came home to visit.
she went back out to DC to visit with his parents.
it was serious.
she got an internship in london with the parliament.
he came home from dc, and a few 
days later she left for the UK....
more long distance.
they skyped and emailed.
they missed each other.
they had a long summer apart.
absence made the heart grow fonder.
she came home.
the deal was sealed.
no more long distance.
they started their final year of college.
they talked marriage.
he took her back to his mission 
in the south. they kept dating.
he flew to san francisco and 
gave her a sparkly ring.
she said yes.

they graduated from college together.
they were married on the first of june.
they live in california and 
are loving every second.


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  1. K You're so beautiful and I am officially a stalker! haha I am loving that you commented on my blog so that I could come and read your cute love story! You guys are perfect!

  2. One word...ADORABLE!
    Ramblings of a Southern Belle

  3. Absolutely precious- thanks for sharing that sweet story of how courting should be! :) And, I love the banana muffin recipe!!

  4. You guys are gorgeous! and such an inspiration. You have indeed followed your hearts and found true joy. x0x0


  5. Emi, I've read this story a few times over the past few months since stumbling on your blog, but every time I read it it's like reading it for the first time. It's such a beautiful story, and I just love following your blog! X

    Steph {}

    1. you are so sweet! thank you for your comment...we are putting a video up on here this week which we've been meaning to add, and it shows our entire dating! we love your site as well! maybe if we come to australia sometime we can all go to dinner.. xoxoxo

    2. Would love that! You must make it to Australia, you would love it :)

  6. What a creative way to share your story Emi! I love it, it made me smile. I also learned that you are from Park City, I grew up in Heber City. Here we were practically neighbors.

    1. marcie, i love that! who would have known..we both grew up so close and then both ended up in CA! love it! xoxo

  7. LOVE the wedding pics. Too cute.

  8. Oh my goodness!! You two are way too cute!! We are in the bay area. Where are you??
    <3 Sam

  9. My hubs was a 'Machi' too! I think they make the best husbands. :)

    1. hah, love that! they sure do...sigma chi must train them well! xoxo

  10. You two are too cute ;] And you run a really adorable blog :] I'm happy to follow along.

    1. thank you dear! we love yours too..xo

  11. Trevor and I met at that back to school carnival in 2008 at the U and our first date was the country dance thing that sorority and frats do! haha trevor wasn't in one but I was in an lds sorority... small world!

    1. what??? what are the chances? i love that connection! thanks for stopping by, your blog really is our favorite! xoxo

  12. I LOVE this! Thank you for commenting on my blog and the kind words! I am your newest follower!!!

  13. wow friend... I super duper love your video you posted! adorbs and I can totes feel the love between you two!!!

    thanks for sharing with us!! xo, Bev

  14. New Follower and Fellow Newlywed.
    Found your blog through the GFC blog hop & look forward to following you.

    Happy Holidays

  15. Your blog is so cute! I'm so glad you found mine! You and your hubby are adorable and your wedding dress is gorgeous! I'm so jealous of all your travels :)

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    i will definitely be checking out your wedding pics! i can already tell they're going to be beautiful though ;)

  19. For the great romance you don't really need Bogart&Bacall, real life can make it even better;-)
    Beautiful story:)

  20. You are so gorgeous! LOVED the video.

    Thanks for the blog lovin'. :)


  21. ok FIRST...i love this story because you still ended up together even after all that long distance and starts and pauses and whatnot (cue cher song about all the starts and stops?) ANYWAY...i also seriously love your dress. And trust me when i say i'm seriously picky about dresses and think many wedding dresses i see are just...not, you win.

  22. i love this story! it is amazing how much long distance you two have done. Im glad you're together now!

  23. Beautiful pictures!
    I have a friend that has searched for this dress all over the internet. Can you please tell me the designer?
    Please help.

    1. yes! email us at and we can send you the info. you commented as anonymous, so i don't know how to reach you! xo

  24. What an awesome blog you have! Your newest follower via thinkoutsideblog.


  25. I too have been wondering where that gorgeous dress is from. Can you help me out?

    1. yes, just email thanks!

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    Thanks for visiting my blog, I love yours and will definitely follow along!

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  31. What an amazing story. Me and my boyfriend have done long distance a lot. We have been together for 8 years and I know he is the one. I hope our story will be half as good as yours. X

  32. I just found your blog when looking for a DIY gift to make my husband. I love your site and your love story is just adorable! Congrats on your beautiful relationship :) I'll be back to your site soon! Feel free to check out my website and blog too!

  33. Hi Emi! What a cute husband you have ;-) I love your love story and the photos! And you must love to live in sunny Cali. I'm living in another country too now so we might stumble on the same fun things :) x Adinda

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  35. so much love and life and vibrance in this story! truly enjoyed reading it. my husband had to pursue me pretty intensely too... & we were married on the 2nd of june (2012). also - you two are beautiful people!!

    m @

  36. Love your story...and blog...and recipes!! So fun to read!

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  40. How cute! Do you like working at Google?


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