Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 in review: mama mia, what a year!

..2014 is coming to a close..

there's something i love about looking back 
on a year and remembering all the moments
and changes and best parts & hard parts.

before moving on to a fresh new year, we
have to look back and appreciate the prior
year. last year we made a 2013 year recap,
and while i loved it, we thought we could
make 2014's a little bit more fun. chase
had this idea last new years, so we have
been working on this all of 2014. 
..and try not to laugh too hard at us!

:) hope you enjoyed this little lip sync, it was chase's idea
last new year's day and i can't believe we actually ended
up doing it! it was a lot of work, but mostly we would be
on a trip and remember to film a quick lyric or segment.
we weren't organized at all, so luckily we ended up with
all the words.. but it might be a fun new tradition to have
fun through the year and recap it in a different way.

some highlights of the year..

we started the year with family and heard
my parent's big news. we headed back to
california straight to NAPA and SONOMA
which was heavenly. we made some
 resolutions, ate well, got massages, and
soaked up the sonoma valley sunshine.

we moved into a tiny studio in the city
and had lots of visitors. we learned how
to cook thai food. we hiked, explored,
and i went on a little girls trip to vegas.

we did our first {and last} juice cleanse,
celebrated valentines, and then headed
off to spain + portugal for the most
charming trip through madrid, barcelona,
lisbon, and porto. we stopped in dallas
and saw the amazing kennedy museum.

this month started off really rough with
our car being broken into on the street.
my parents came to visit, and we took 
them back up to napa & sonoma. then
we had lots of visitors this month and
soaked up the city with good food + friends.

in april we took some of my favorite city
pictures with kirsten, and then i went
home to salt lake city for a week to 
and feature some favorite restaurants.
i came back to SF and chase planned the
cutest celebration {and made the sweetest
video in the world for my 24th birthday.}

in may we had lots of city picnics, then
headed to L.A. for one last family trip
before my parents left...complete with
celebrating mothers day. i also got my
master's degree and my entire family
was there for my grad school graduation!
my cutest friend ashley came to visit, and
we wrapped up may in yosemite hiking
the famous HALF DOME for memorial day.

we celebrated our two year anniversary
with a fun scavenger hunt all about the
past year. {favorite new tradition!}. we
ate at the famous cliff house, i finished
teach for america, (!!!) and we kicked
off summer at a james taylor concert.
we moved into the cutest new nob hill
apartment and finally felt settled after
months in a tiny city basement studio.
i flew to colorado to meet my parents
for a little bike ride adventure through
that pretty state. then we went back to
salt lake for the saddest part of the year 
-- my parent's farewell for their mission!
we helped them move and said goodbye 
to them for 3 years. (tears!) love my fam.

in july we soaked up the bay -- we went
paddleboarding in san rafael canal,
celebrated the 4th of july in the city,
and celebrated chase's birthday with
to explore mendocino and fort bragg. 
we did the classic skunk train & rode
google and started working at 
the same place as chase! oh,
marathon too :) chase's first!

i flew home to be in a wedding and
celebrate maria & cam. we tried
celebrated 20 years since my dad
survived the bear attack. we went
we saw "once" on broadway. some of
 our best friends the woods came to visit.
we had a beach day in santa cruz and
had a little sailing outing too.

we started september in BOSTON for
labor day. we stayed in provincetown
and fell in love with cape cod. we also
discovered nantucket, AKA greatest
place on earth! we said goodbye to
my family's sweet dog kona with lots
of tears and love :(

in october we discovered the mosaic steps,
took some fun pictures in the city, and
enjoyed SF's FLEET WEEK -- amazing.
we had lots of fun working and commuting
together all fall, launched our non-profit,
went to alcatraz at night for halloween,
then headed to canadaniagara falls
montrealquebec city, and all of french
canada. i was in heaven and it was one
of my very favorite trips. magnifique!

in november we had a weekend getaway
with our besties to san luis obispo,
america's happiest town. we stopped
through cayucos and had the best time.
san francisco and we went to the utah-
many friends from home and the utes 
WON in double overtime!!!!! so so fun.
we ended november in INDIA which
was the craziest yet most amazing trip
through delhijaipur, and agra

in december i flew to salt lake city
straight after india for a friend's lovely
december wedding. we spent most of
december in san francisco soaking up our
city christmas, went to google's holiday
the holidays to salt lake city utah to spend
time with family and friends. we capped off
the year back in san francisco & went to tiburon.

writing this recap and going through the
blog archives has made me realize:

1) how amazing one year can be. 
how much we can do, change, see,
grow, learn, and experience. i love
to look back and think through each
month each year and especially this one.

2) also, i am so grateful that i have these 
memories and records to look back at
and remember exactly what we did when.
i truly love this little blog for being a place
i can record our favorite memories and 
experiences + recommendations and tips
for seeing this big beautiful world.

thanks for sharing 2014 with us!
cheers to 2015.



  1. You two had a great year for sure. Hope 2015 brings you all you hope for and more but most importantly health and happiness! Unfortunately I can't watch you video since it has copyrighted music in it and a lot of videos with copyrighted music get blocked here in Germany. But I am sire it is great as usual. You two have a great way of seeing the world and it shines through in your videos and pictures! All the best wishes to you! xxx Ulrike

    1. thank you! i'm sad the video can't play there! happy new year to you!

  2. This is too cute! You guys are my favorite couple that I've never met :) can't wait to see what 2015 has in store for you!

    1. haha love that. you're the cutest! happy almost new year!

  3. THIS IS ADORABLE. oh my goodness, such a great idea! my goal for 2015 is to video more often so i can make videos to look back to :) love it!

    xo, pocketofblossoms.com

    1. haha thanks! yes -- i love having video to look back on! xoxo

  4. Your reviews are the best!! You guys have had such a wonderful year and I can't wait to see what 2015 brings for you!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  5. You two are the absolute cutest! I love seeing snapshots of your life in SF and your travels. Such an inspiring couple! Happy New Year!

    1. this made my day! you are the absolute cutest. happy new year!!

  6. What an amazing year you had! :) Wishing you an even better 2015.

  7. loved loved loveddddd that lip sync! such a cute idea!!

    1. hahah you're the cutest. now move to SF and be in next year's! :)

  8. Omgosh that was the cutest thing!! My husband and I are too shy when it comes to filming videos, we try but it's hard to let loose in public!! You're a great inspiration!!

    I want to hike the half dome so bad! I don't want to plan a trip all the way down to Yosemite unless we can hike the half dome! How cool!!

    1. hhah i know -- i was embarrassed filming them at first, but by the end we had no shame!

      you HAVE to do yosemite when you have a half dome permit. it was one of the most memorable things we've done! xo

  9. this is possibly the most adorable thing EVER! I am so amazed at all that you and Chase have accomplished and your relationship really inspires me to set out in the world and explore and never give up. I love all your posts and wish you all the best in 2015!

  10. emi i love it! it turned out so cute! Love that i am blogging now so i can stay subscribed :) i am Doing a free Burberry fragrance giveaway on my blog if you want to enter!! www.xoxokat.com

  11. Oh my heck you guys are seriously the cutest! I loved that video!!! Haha. That was such a clever idea, and it looks like you guys had a very adventurous year. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I love the video! How cute is that. I can't wait to do a recap next year when my blog is over a year old. In the meantime, hope you have a fabulous new year!

  13. Writing blog recaps every new year's is one of my favorite posts I write every year! So fun to look back on all the things I did all year. Also........are you taking song requests for your next extended lip sync. Because I'll be happy to provide a list of ideas. Mostly by Britney Spears, because, sure. Also that one episode of The Office comes to mind, when Dwight is in mourning because he thinks he started the fire, so he sits in his car and blasts "Everybody Hurts." That's a pretty positive song to think about all year. Also, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzI5hPVYGOc

    1. haha i just saw this and couldn't appreciate it more. giggling at my desk. miss you.

  14. You guys are hilarious!! hahaha I honestly loved it! I want to see the one for 2015 noooow :'( haha, happy new year!! Have an even more amazing time than in 2014!

  15. Oh my!! This video is seriously too cute. I love it! What a fun idea. It sounds like you had an awesome year. Cheers to 2015! xo

  16. It's absolutely remarkable how much you and Chase are able to fit into one year! I've absolutely loved following it all through your blog and I wish you all the best and more travel and adventure in 2015!

  17. So I just realized a few posts back you mentioned you were at primary's on Christmas Eve. I was working Christmas Eve night!! (I work there..) so basically we were both there at the same time probably :) it's a good place to be. So sweet of you guys to do that!

    1. what??!! that is crazy! so wish we would have seen each other! you're amazing to work there, especially on christmas eve!


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