Monday, December 15, 2014

holiday giveaway with nailed boutique!

the holidays are fast approaching, and when i was in 
salt lake city a few weeks ago for a wedding, i stopped 
into one of my favorite spots for some pampering + 
shopping. nailed is the best nail salon AND boutique 
and i knew i could find some good new clothes for
the holidays as well as gifts... i love it so much that
the owner trish and i decided we are going to do 
a little giveaway for all of you this week before we head
back! we picked out a darling top that is perfect for
holiday parties, + a lovely travel kit to go with it.

so in honor of the holidays and my hometown, 
the giveaway is below.  there's only one mandatory 
step to enter.. and then a few bonus entries below. 
a Rafflecopter giveaway
so, just follow @nailed_boutique on instagram 
and tag 5 friends in their giveaway photo. you
can do the same for @emi on insta. 
that's the only mandatory step! 
bonus facebook entries are listed below that,
and as a final bonus you can comment below with
which upcoming holiday party you would wear this to!
--or-- you can tell me what upcoming trip you would
use this travel kit on :) either way, hope you enter!
here are a few photos of this darling shop..
i'll be back in for a mani/pedi over christmas!
how cute is this place? this is the entry,
and then the salon is in the back part! ^^
here's a close-up of the cute blouse you can win ^^
and here's the travel kit with their own line of products --
green tea soap, shampoo + conditioner, salt scrub & cream!

and to give you a taste of the rest of the cute store:

^^ the pedicures here last forever! 
also, cutest socks to pamper your feet even more.

i picked up this cute long sweater here and wore it to
the airport (as you can see in the selfie above :) ^^
thanks nailed for being a favorite stop when in SLC!
enter away!
giveaway ends friday at midnight and we
will notify the winner to pick up or get it
shipped by this weekend! cheers!



  1. This Shirt is SOOOO cute!!! I would definitely wear it to one of my upcoming christmas or new years eve parties!

    1. i know isn't it perfect!? thanks for entering!

  2. it's times like this when i seriously consider getting instagram... ;)

  3. I need this shirt for New Years Eve! Love. I'm going to have to stop by this adorable shop.

  4. So pretty! I would definitely wear this during an upcoming trip to PHX!

  5. Such a darling blouse! I would definitely wear this blouse for a nice dinner over the holidays. Thanks for posting about Nailed it as well; will have to visit when I am in SLC this christmas!

    1. yay i hope you do visit! it's the best... thanks for entering!!


  6. what this is adorable. i need to go. do they do shellac? or what makes it last forever?

  7. Such an adorable dress I wanted to gift my sister something.......I think I found one..!!
    She'll be so happy

  8. I would wear it to my office's holiday party! :)

  9. Adorable! I would wear this to my office party.


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