Friday, December 5, 2014

jaipur: india's pink city

jaipur was my favorite city that we visited in india.
known as "the pink city," it is filled with pink palaces
and lots of color and culture. i loved the hills that
surround jaipur and the amazing people who live
there. we also rode elephants here, so how could
it not be a favorite part? i'll have more about the 
elephant ride in the next post, but here are some
 photos of the pink city of india and its beauty.
the entire city was painted its unique pink color in 
1876 to celebrate the visiting prince of wales.
pink arches + chandeliers, + chase matching them :) ^^
^^ gorgeous hawa mahal, the "palace of winds" 
i couldn't get over this lacy ornamental facade. 
royal ladies would view the city from these windows . 

we visited a hindu temple and got bindi dots! ^^
love their rupee currency with gandhi on them.
ps this is not hundreds of dollars, don't worry!
 it's about $10 US dollars when you exchange it. :)
^^ grounds of the palace, with the entry behind chase
^^ taking in the mosaics + chase's bindi selfie
the beautiful former palace is now a museum full
of all the royal belongings and art. it's amazing! ^^

^^ making friends at the pink palace

loved all the textures of pink on an old wall ^^
^^ along one of the roads we stopped at a monkey camp
and fed them bananas and it was one of the best
things ever to see them jump up, grab bananas from
our hands, and peel & eat them. i was beside myself
with the cuteness and i still want a monkey of my own!!
abandoned temple right by our hotel 
that chase flew over with the copter ^^

we were obsessed with the jal mahal water palace just
floating out there with no one on it. we heard there are
plans to make it into an incredible hotel {wow} but for
now it is just empty and beautiful out there. since there's
no way to go see it, chase decided to fly the copter out
over the water. it drew quite the crowd as usual! 

chase's copter fan club ^^
the floating truly looks like it is floating!

haha- "wave hi!" 
^^ we even saw a wedding going on which was amazing.
and, stopped by the jantar mantar observatory with
all of the astrological devices they use to use - wow.

^^ love this cute picture of chase riding along
in our tourist van taking in the sights!

so much color everywhere you look ^^
^^ i LOVED the streets of jaipur.
cleaner, colorful, & full of life.
darling girls we met in jaipur ^^
^^ grabbing some indian nuts & candy at the 
street cart. nothing is familiar, but fun to try!
^^ an elephant casually walking down the busy
street. we saw this {and crazier} every day.
^^ also- camels all along the roadsides
^^ and the cutest donkeys on earth trotting
right alongside our car on the road.

^^ needed a picture by every amazing wall
we stopped at this gorgeous rug factory and saw
every detail of how they are made. they take months
and have multiple people working on each one. now
i understand why they are so expensive!! :)

chase learning how to weave by hand - wow, 
i don't know how these amazing people have 
the patience and skill for this beautiful craft.
^^ one of my favorite things was seeing how textiles
& fabrics are handmade. i never even think about this!
chase somehow always gets picked as volunteer and 
he got to help make this cool elephant print!
^^ now i see these fabrics and think of the layers
of careful work that has gone into each one. wow.
a taste of all the crafts + skills we saw and learned about ^^
we had a great indian dinner at aangan ^^
^^ and then went out to see this white hindu temple
with our guide. since he is hindu, we could ask him
all about this religion & culture and he taught us so much.
^^ we also saw a cultural dance show and the only
picture we took was this of one of the performers
because chase thought he looked like a chubby
indian jimmy fallon! haha now i see it.
and back to our cute hotel after quite the day^^

can you see why we loved jaipur?
it is amazing...and this post didn't
even include the elephant ride! that
is coming next, and you'll want to book
your flight here to visit jaipur after!

this city will awaken all of your senses.
it is full of "rich culture and regal history."
between the temples, palaces, streets,
gardens, and forts, it is an incredible place. 



  1. Wow, magnificent <3 Your pictures are so charming and of course the couple modelling in them are darlings too!

  2. We loved Jaipur as well! I just wish we'd had more time there! I need to get back to India someday!

    1. love that you've been here to jaipur! where else did you go in india?

  3. absolutely beautiful pictures! Would it be weird if I framed these in my own house!? Haha! Your travels are so inspirational! Look forward to your posts each day! :)

    1. hahaha i look forward to your comments! :)

  4. How BEAUTIFUL!! The Pink City is callin' my name!!

    1. haha right?? all things pink, how can someone not want to go!

  5. Love your photos! My cousin just got back from visiting Jaipur and enjoyed her time too. Looks like an amazing place!

  6. ahhhh i am loving these india posts so much. keep 'em comin' sista!

  7. I love Jaipur!!!! Definitely one of my favorite places in India. I love these charming, colorful cities of Rajasthan. I wish you guys could have made it into the state of Himachal Pradesh in India - you would have LOVED it!!! This brings back so many good memories. Love the photos! You guys are a darling couple! xo, Liz

  8. This looks so amazing!! Now Jaipur is on my bucket list. I can't wait to hear about your elephant ride experience. I did it in Thailand and thought it was one of the coolest things I've done. Looks like a great trip Emi!

  9. Ok, I love everything about this post!! The bindi dots, the adorable monkeys, the beautiful architecture, the colors, the copter cam crowds, love it all! Your outfits are perfect for India too! Looking forward to more posts about India, especially the elephants! My husband and I visited an elephant sanctuary in Thailand and it was the most amazing experience!

  10. I'm seriously in love with the colors in these gorgeous pictures! I haven't always wanted to see India and this is just making it more and more important on my bucket list. That floating palace looks incredible! Chase probably always gets picked because people can tell he genuinely wants to learn! That, by the way, does look like Jimmy Fallon...and I spent a couple minutes laughing about it.

  11. Wow this looks AMAZING!! I'm so jealous of your adventures. I've always wanted to go to India, it's been on my bucket list since I could remember.



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