Saturday, March 30, 2013

easter weekend

so far we've had the best easter weekend! friday husband bought a
new classic moped, we rode it around and took it to play tennis,
then did a movie+ dinner... today i ran a favorite trail with a friend,
we saw a little easter parade, tried out a new restaurant, and
ended by decorating
easter eggs with friends. can't wait for tomorrow!

^^ saturday morning crepes with strawberries + cream..
starting off easter weekend right! ^^
^^ the new little fun to ride around in the warm weather! ^^
^^ famous little place we tried for dinner. chase was a fan, i wasn't. ^^
^^ egg decorating with friends! ^^

 the boys didn't pretend to care about decorating the eggs, and 
instead played cards the entire night..who knew cards were so funny?

last but not least, the easter candy wasn't enough..
we had to end the night with a giant pizookie!
life is good when eating a half-baked giant cookie topped with ice cream.
two of our friends gave up sugar for the past month, so we happily 
broke that insane streak with them by diving into this beauty made by katie.
what are your easter plans tomorrow?


  1. Good post! I want the big cookie! Yummy :)


  2. Great weekend! so yummy:)

  3. looks like a great weekend!
    love those flowers.
    and cookies. duh.


  4. I helped my niece decorate eggs. Looking at yours makes me wish I dyed a few myself now! And now I want a cookie!


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