Sunday, March 3, 2013

paris {part three}: museums + sights many museums, so little time.
this trip we got the paris museum pass, which
was the best idea because it got us into every
museum at the front of the line, and we didn't
have to buy tickets at each was already
taken care of! we made it to so many different
museums, & loved them all! here are some pictures..
^^ my favorite museum by far, the musée d'orsay ^^
le louvre
^^ favorite paris restaurant at the top of the orsay ^^
^^ v e r s a i l l e s ^^
^^ hall of mirrors ^^
^^ just listening to the audio tour..this was my 3rd time at 
versailles, but always learning new things there! ^^
^^ the pompidou=the one museum we were not fans of, 
except for the incredible views of paris from the top floor. ^^
^^ future law student at the supreme court of france ^^
^^ the crypt ^^
^^ hotel de ville ^^

^^ notre dame! ^^
^^ lots of steps to the top of notre dame to hang 
out with the gargoyles + quasimodo ^^
^^ more of our morning spent at the louvre ^^
^^ always fun to see the mona lisa, the inverted pyramid, 
incredible art, and wonders upon wonders ^^
^^ saw the tombs of many famous people at the pantheon,
most notably victor hugo...thank you victor for giving us les mis! ^^
^^ afternoon stops at the pantheon & st. chappelle made for a tired husband ^^ 
^^ we even made it to the musée des egouts, AKA the paris sewer museum.
we felt like jean val jean from les miserables being down in the paris sewers,
but it actually was interesting to see all of the organization and methods
of the system..some tunnels even have street names! crazy. ^^
our stops included: the louvre, musée d'orsay, luxembourg gardens, the tuileries, sacré coeur, the pantheon, invalides, the opera house, sorbonne university of paris, the crypt, notre dame, l'arc de triomphe, musée des egouts, the pompidou, versailles, and more. needless to say, we walked a lot, took in a lot of masterpieces, and loved it all!
^^ cute in-laws! ^^
we loved going up the arc de triomphe after some long days of 
sightseeing, and taking in the view of the city with the sparkling eiffel tower! 

one more paris post to come tomorrow!
{see paris part one and part two}


  1. That is so amazing that you get to see all those sights. I love seeing and hearing about them!

  2. SPEECHLESS! These photos turned out amazing. Looks like you two had a blast!

  3. Amazing! Love your pictures and I so hope I can make a trip to France one of these days~!

  4. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww all the pictures are so wonderful!!! It looks like you had a lot of fun!!

  5. This makes my heart yearn for Paris! Glad you two had such an amazing time. The photos are wonderful!

  6. I love your Paris sights! The museum pass is genius, great tip!
    Also, the new blog design is way cute!!

  7. Wow you two are pretty much the cutest thing ever what the heeeck. Loooks amazing, you are a lucky girl!!!



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