Wednesday, August 22, 2012

home sweet apartment!

this first week in our new apartment has been so fun 
as we've gotten all unpacked and decorated a little bit...
it's starting to feel like home! i love coming in to the
smell of the hardwood floors, the california sun coming 
through the windows, the sound of the trolley outside, the
nicest breeze, & of course my cute hubby. we are still working 
on a few things, but here are some pictures of how it's coming along!


i love these cannisters & am so happy
that they match the kitchen perfectly!

coming along...thanks husband for finding a way
to hang the fork and spoon on our wall!

our cute kitchen makes me love cooking even more

it's so nice to finally be able to use all of our
wedding presents, including our blendtec!

this shelf singlehandedly holds our rice cooker, waffle iron,
panini press, crock pot, crepe maker, and egg maker...impressive
entry to the kitchen...we're ordering a
cute little high dining top table to go here!
found a good place for our crate&barrel clock..thanks minds!
paint chip calendar made by husband

{living room}
we love these windows and the pretty 
light that comes through them!
useful little nook in the hallway
we're obviously still unpacking the living room...
we are getting a desk and something to mount the TV on,
so for now it is a little unorganized but that's okay!
love that chase's boutonniere from our 
wedding decorates our light switch

shower curtain- thanks to shelley for the fabric
bathroom wall
more bathroom...thanks anna & rand for our favorite towels!
the must-have toothbrush holder from pottery barn

our bedroom...always wanted an all-white feel
love this handmade pillow we can flip around with 
our initials or our wedding date. {ordered here on etsy}

 my walk in closet...hah still unpacking this too!
chase's closet..much more organized
can't get enough of our windows and the breeze
 all of our little decorations make it feel 
so much more like home
we still need a furniture piece for the tv, so for now
chase has to watch it like this...ha
and of course we are repping our utes in CA!
{first sunday dinner in the new place}
we love our apartment and can't wait to keep adding to it!
*see photos of our empty apartment before we moved in here*



  1. Love it! The c&e pillow w/ u'r date is the Best! You know, it's funny . . . I used to want (had even written in my journal even) to be married on June 1. Crazy, huh? Have a Great Day today . . . & thx again for posting! It's really fun to see what you guys are doing & your 1st fun apt. It's so fun to decorate a new place!!

  2. so stinking cute! I can't wait to see it in real life ;) xo

  3. Your kitchen is to die for! So cute. Keep representing those Utes!

  4. You are so creative! I dig your style big time. My bedroom is all white too & I love it.
    Excited to follow your blog!

  5. Love, love your apartment and how you decorated it! So stinking adorable. That rug in your family room is perfect.. where did you get it from?

    1. you're so cute, thanks! it has improved a lot since this original post haha. we love the rug and found it on through my mother-in-law..i think this is the link!


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