Friday, August 24, 2012

what we eat

now that we're finally moved into our own place 
we're cooking a here is the week's recap of 
what we ate.
{links to some recipes included!}

parmesan crusted kale healthy snack!

sweet potato black bean burritos- our favorite meal!
RECIPE here 

we got a tip to try this lunch spot downtown
and it turned out to be a good one! all of their 
sandwiches are made on fresh, warm homemade 
sourdough bread so that is the best part!
my kind of weekend breakfast...nutella
banana waffles with an avocado egg scramble
our ward had a chicken cook off on saturday, so i
found a "melt-in-your-mouth chicken" recipe for it..
 it turned out so moist! just go easy on the spices.
{the cooking process from start to finish}
white mac & cheese
{ingredients from trader joe's}
fresh raspberries from whole foods..
made even better by the cute porcelain 
berry strainer i just got from c&b!
..we also use this porcelain milk jug from c&b..
we just pour our milk in it and use it all week!
it keeps it cold and feels old fashioned
we also discovered the BEST fruit hybrid at the farmer's 
market this week..the pluot. it's a mix between a plum and 
an apricot and we are obsessed. we bought a lot for the week!
stocked with lots of other fresh fruit
yummy swiss/turkey/tomato panini made on ciabatta bread
we discovered these amazing coconut soy bars from whole foods
this week...and we already have to go get more! try them!!!!!
last but not least, i was a happy girl when our date night
included my very favorite food: crepes..yummm!

ate well this week!


what were some of your favorite recipes of the week?
do you find yourself cooking more, or eating out? 


  1. You have such a cute blog, loved your description message! And I love the color scheme,

    Is that roasted broccoli? If it isn't you should try it, I think its the healthiest (but tastiest) way to eat broccoli, and a lot of other veggies.

    Just olive oil, salt, pepper, high heat and bam! Gorgeous broccoli that is good enough to eat by itself.

    Thanks for coming by my page (:

  2. Oh I use to make crepes for breakfast for my parents, I love banana and nutella ones!

  3. H2O melon, good ol' turkey sandwich on wheat bread, & eating at home! ;-)


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