Saturday, August 25, 2012

life lately...

what we've been up to..
it's always a good day when husband brings
fresh sunflowers home for our kitchen

we signed up for a 5k and somehow ended up
doing pretty well! i got 1st in my age group, and
husband got 2nd in his! (behind a guy who ran in college)

{a few updates from left to right}
1. got our own c&e wifi network!
2. looking for a new workout? chase found the craziest 
climbing machine at the gym called "jacob's ladder"
3. my first week teaching a government class with teach for america!
4. major grocery shopping this week to stock up
5. best date night to san pedro square
6. saturday night was spent strolling downtown san jose, getting to know it better.
7. we love this rooftop deck on top of our apartment building.
8. took my new fixed bike out for her maiden voyage to the farmer's market!
9. loved discovering this place and dancing to friday night jazz music

life is good! xo


  1. ?1) Any flowers, esp. (white) roses!
    ?2) No, but intriguing (sounds fun) . . . Congratulations!

  2. i ran a 5k this past weekend, but took second place to my wife..(sigh)


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