Friday, August 31, 2012

new in town

this week we put our pink kitchenaid to use! {maybe my favorite kitchen item}
we made some yummy chocolate chip cookies and took them around to all of our cute neighbors in our apartment was fun, but i realized that maybe this is more of a utah thing, because while most people were sweet and gladly took the warm homemade cookies, they all seemed a tad surprised and a maybe little confused that people were at their door with treats..ha. but don't worry, this didn't stop us-- i'll gladly spread some utah neighborly love any day.
the world needs more of it!
i am thoroughly obsessed with this pink kitchenaid, and especially the clear bowl! 
go make someone's day {and maybe surprise them a little}
by dropping by some treats or just saying hello!

do you know your neighbors well?
what is your favorite treat to take to others?
any favorite chocolate chip cookie recipes to share?


  1. Come be my neighbor please! Those look yummy! I agree my silpat is probably my favorite tool in the kitchen, so glad you are loving the kitchen aid too!

    Can't wait to see you guys in 2 weeks! Love ya

  2. You two are adorable! i thought about doing that however, none of our neighbors speak english! Is that weird? haha well, I take that back one of them does. Maybe i will take them something :)

  3. Emi, what a great idea. That's Awesome!! Keep up the good work . . . ;-) Luv "U" GuY!!s

  4. So jealous of your kitchen aid! Those cookies look delicious!


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