Wednesday, August 15, 2012

our first apartment!

we just signed the lease on our 
first apartment!
it is perfect for us and we couldn't be happier.
i have not stopped smiling since it went through!
 after checking out 20 different places,
this charming little apartment stood
out to us so much. it is the greatest
place in a perfect neighborhood.
here are a few pictures of it now {empty}...
we can't wait to decorate and post pictures of it after!
we're so happy to have this new place!
love the hardwood floors and windows..
cute little kitchen

i love this little closet & vanity
the charming old spanish building!
signing the lease
 it's official!

we already met some cute new friends
who are the apartment managers for our
 building... here is kendall signing the lease with us!

we went out for our favorite meal to celebrate the
new place & starting work...followed by making
our first dessert in the apartment!

it is a dream to be starting life with my cute husband in 
california and having this little place to call home.
we love it and we'll post more pictures as it comes along!


  1. I love it! Seriously it has so much charm, I can't wait to see it with furniture and all decorated!! Glad everything is working out for you guys! Love and miss you!

  2. So happy for you! It's so fun to see your lives progress. Your examples are so needed. Thx for your awesome postings!!

  3. ah!!! How adorable- I seriously LOVE your little place. And I couldn't agree more, let's have breakfast for dinner REALLY soon- your new place or ours... consider it a date! Let us know when, and we'll make it work! xo

  4. It looks perfect! I love it :) so happy for you two!

  5. Charming em! I can't wait to visit. I love the windows and the bedroom archway, and of course the yellow teapot!!

  6. I’m pleased to witness, in some way, your dream finally coming true. :) See how it’s worth the wait and effort? Checking out 20 apartments must’ve tired you out. But being choosy in this kind of situation really pays off. I hope you both have a good life together! :) By the way, the hardwood, the white walls and ceiling, and the chandelier altogether make your place look regal.

    Clinton Larocque


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