Sunday, June 30, 2013

a day on the lake

since chase surprised me and came in town for my friend's wedding, we have had a crazy weekend being back in salt lake city! we've been all over the place seeing lots of friends, being with our families, and enjoying utah. we leave tomorrow, so yesterday we packed in a full saturday in SLC.
we woke up and went on a 6 mile run to the downtown farmer's market..
always a good destination! we met some of our best friends jake & rach there
and had the famous bruges waffles! {topped with fresh peaches & crème fraî}
after we made it back, {don't worry-- we got a ride back!} we headed up to the lake
with my parents. it was so nice up there. it was hot weather with a cold, refreshing lake.
life doesn't get much better if you ask me. we made turkey avocado sandwiches on the boat and soaked up the sun. we all waterskied and jumped in lots of times too!
^^ with my two favorite guys ^^
 after a fun day boating, we headed home, showered, and we were off to a family party with chase's side. we went to that, went out to dinner with everyone, and then of course finished with some dessert at red mango. a few of our favorite friends came up to visit late when we got home, and we spent hours chatting and catching up. we had to stop ourselves finally when it got too late! those are the best kind of friends. we definitely packed it in this weekend, but when you're only in town for a visit, you have to!


  1. Those days are always long but wonderful for the memory bank! Love the bright sunny pics! Looks like you and your man have a great time with life!:)

  2. What a wonderful day you had!

  3. Replies
    1. really?! i love that. everyone usually says i look like my mom because of our hair, but sometimes people say they see my dad in me. i'll have to tell him! xo

  4. Glad you had a great time at home with your husband and family. :)
    I love your swimsuit, so CUTE!


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