Monday, July 1, 2013

a wedding worth flying home for

weddings are the best things to come in town for.
they are always worth flying in, because they are the happiest & most magical events.
i once read a book about different people and their versions of heaven. basically each
person chose their favorite thing on earth that they wanted to make their heaven. one man
chose baseball games, because that was his favorite sport & pastime. so his heaven was traveling around to all different games. another lady in the book decided that weddings were her heaven. so, behind all the closed doors in her heaven were weddings from all around the world. she chose them because she thought they were the happiest events filled with the most love. i agree completely. not only are the bride & groom head over heels in love, but all of their very favorite loved ones surround them and it is the best celebration. abby & ralph's wedding was no exception. i really got to celebrate everything, throwing her a shower last week, being at the bachelorette party, and then being at the wedding dinner, ceremony and reception!
^^ just married! ^^
^^ temple pictures ^^
 so glad husband was here for all of it 
^^ the darling reception ^^
^^ cutest s'mores bar ^^
^^ dancing, always the best part {other than the cake} ^^
congrats to the most darling couple!
welcome to marriage!!
x o


  1. Looked like a very beautiful wedding! Congrats to your friends! And love your flats!

  2. i'm just getting caught up on my blogging from the weekend....that cute husband of yours surprising you! love it. doesn't get much better. and this wedding looks so fun. even in all that heat. glad you got to spend all that time here in ut! sad we couldn't meet up. next time maybe :) xo.

    1. I know! I'm sorry it was so busy, but yes I hope next time!! Xo

  3. I love love love her dress! I've always loved sleeves on a wedding dress - so Kate Middleton!

  4. Wow this looks like an amazing wedding! Her dress is stunning!

  5. I was here for a party and found the food to be really amazing, I got the oysters for the passed cocktail hour, they were amazing!
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