Wednesday, July 3, 2013

an early birthday party for husband

since we are headed to china tonight, (!!!)
we celebrated husband's 25th birthday last night with friends.
i think 25 is a big birthday, so i wanted to do something fun for it.
his actual birthday is july 7, and we will be on the great wall of china that day...
not too shabby, but i still wanted to celebrate with friends. so we did!
birthday decorations, complete with cute notes to chase from friends and family back home! i asked everyone to send these for chase since we couldn't celebrate with them. 
he loved reading the clever notes from so many friends & family!
then, i planned this little get-together with our friends in the bay, and we had the best time.
{i decided to take my bike to do some of my errands for the party, and didn't think about the end result of carrying home balloons on a bike on a busy city street. i was quite the sight!} 
 we had a fun dinner out, then headed back to our apartment for birthday cake.
 lucky to have such great friends here!
a new google shirt from dustin & kendall for this new 
google employee, and a gopro from me! lucky boy..
chocolate oatmeal cookie bars, and pear cake {always chase's birthday cake} 

i love birthdays & especially love celebrating the man i love.
happy early birthday chase! can't wait to celebrate again in china later this week!
..thanks cute friends for coming!..

see last year's surprise birthday celebration here!


  1. I just gush over your creative and thoughtful ideas for your husband. I also read the one from last year, and HOLY COW girl, you are an angel!! He's a lucky man for sure!
    I hope you two have a fabulous time in China!

    1. you are so cute...i am not anywhere near an angel, but he is fun to do things for! love your blog! XOXO

  2. Looks like it was a lot of fun. Especially balloons on a bike. Yikes! So happy it went well. Travel safe!

    1. haha i thought you would be proud of the balloons on the bike. chase loved your gift, and the CPK dinner provided by you and mom! we will call today on the way to you!!!

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