Monday, July 22, 2013

beijing {part two}

here is the second post of our time in beijing.. 
{see the first part here} this post highlights tiananmen square,
the forbidden city, street markets, food, and just exploring the city.
we could not believe the size of the forbidden city, and the history was
so interesting to us. we asked our tour guide a million questions as we 
walked through the forbidden city and learned so much!

husband's favorite thing to do ^^ ask for pictures with guards
chase & general mao
^^ ha! a 4 star toilet! how fancy..{we soon realized this actually was really nice, because most public bathrooms in china have no toilets, no toilet paper, and no soap or paper towels! the toilets are in the ground and it's pretty different.}
in beijing, this was as close to an american breakfast that we could get..
every other option was veggies, meat, and rice!
^^ more fans of chase, wanting pictures with him constantly ^^
^^ loved the pretty jade..and we learned it's good for your heart if you wear it on your wrist! ^^
^^ glad to see they were representing the USA well, ha ^^
^^ an example of how most of our lunches/ dinners style with a group!
AKA: mystery dishes spinning around the table! ^^
street market with the craziest food i had ever seen!
^^ dumplings, the one thing we enjoyed ^^
^^ this picture kills me! so tall, plus a surprise new friend in the background ^^
starfish for lunch, anyone?
or, how about some snakes on a stick?
better yet, scorpions!
^^ we stopped by the 2008 olympic stadium on our way to the airport for the next city ^^
said goodbye to our beijing tour guide..we loved jing!

goodbye, beijing! on to xi'an!
thank you for the history lessons, sights, heat, and crazy streets.



  1. ahh street food. some of that stuff is actually some of the best food around. just gotta find the right stuff!

    and they're called squatters..... ;)

  2. SNAKE ON A STICK?!?! There's a first! My students here in Korea always comment about the gross things that the Chinese eat. They are a bit disgruntled towards the Chinese and Japanese ever since the war, and they come up with all sorts of excuses as to why Korea is such a better place to live.

    But I don't know. Snake on a stick is pretty bad. The potato swirls look familiar though!

    -Amanda | Living in Another Language

  3. The food would be the thing that would scary me the most about visiting China! Looks like you guys had a blast and Chase was quite the celebrity!

  4. How did you not starve. I don't know if I could make it on dumblings and strange things on sticks. But it looks like the best kind of adventure.


  5. Your blog is adorable - and your trip looks fantastic! :)

  6. These pictures make me want to go to China even more now than before! Great post! :)


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