Sunday, July 7, 2013

happy 25 husband!!

hello from china!
today is officially husband's 25th birthday, so in honor of that, 
i'm sharing some notes he got from our friends and family 

dear husband...
you are 25!  i like the sound of that.
thank you for stealing my heart and never giving it back.
you make every day better. you make me laugh any time you please.
you bring out a side of me that no one else can.
you are the reason i’m excited about the future.
you light up a room for me, and i can listen to you talk for hours.
you are so handsome, smart, hilarious, happy, ambitious, loyal, and
the perfect guy for me. i’m excited to be in china and celebrate you!
since this is your big 25th, i wanted to show you that i may be your
biggest fan, but i am definitely not your only fan. i hope you love and
cherish the words of all the people who love and cherish you. happy birthday!
i wrote this note for chase and put it on the door, then when he opened it he saw all these different notes from his friends and family for his big 25th birthday. chase is so loved, and i wanted him to feel of that since we live away and would be out of the country on his big day! so, i emailed all of his best friends, our couple friends, and family asking everyone to send a birthday note to him. they were so fun to receive, print out, and surprise him with!

i wanted to share a few excerpts on the blog..but they are chase's notes,
so he wanted to keep them for himself. but just know they were pretty sweet and also hilarious. i will at least share the notes both of our moms sent, because they were so cute and clever! click below to see them. thanks to everyone who sent them!
updates from china coming soon! XOXO
from chase's mom:

In honor of your "25th" and the past
year you have spent teaching Math...
here are some mathematical representations 
of things we know and LOVE about you!

1/ are a 1/4 of our children.  You would have been a 1/3, but remember you brought home a fourth!

25 cents...your Christmas gift budget annually spent at DI.

quart...the amount of pee you've been know to hold on road trips!

25...the number of cereal bowls we would retrieve from your bathroom every month.

25 x ...more clever and creative than anyone we know!

25%...of your junior year spent at West High developing inner city skills to be used while teaching @ Alum Rock!

25 degrees're pretty COOL!

25 yuan...what you'll be spending for lunch on your birthday this year, FUN!

quarter of long we have CHERISHED you!!!!!!!!!

25 batrillionzillion...years we will love you (to infinity and beyond)

We are SO blessed,  thank you for sharing your life with us!  
xoxoxoxoxo  Mom and Dad       (oh and ps.....)

9131 = ... if you can't figure this one out, GOOGLE it!

Xo Mom

from my mom to chase:
Dear Chase,
On this 25th birthday I feel so lucky that you just got to spend 4 days with us.  I didn't need those few days to remind me of all the qualities that I love about you, but it helps to remind me of the many things I love about you:   So here are my top 25 reasons you are my favorite son-in-law!
1-You made such an effort from the first time I met you to be my friend and always take interest in things I am doing.
2-You have an unwavering testimony of the gospel
3-You let me teach you backgammon
4-You trust me to sew your shirts slimmer
5-You compliment me when I cut my hair
6-You always dress nice and wear lots of polo shirts
7-You have been so nice to Mike and shown him lots of respect and genuine friendship
8-You have snow skied and water skied with us and been very enthusiastic about both
9-You have helped me set up my i-pad and been my personal tech advisor
10-You have great hair!! and it would look great in a ponytail:)
11-You are willing to play tennis, even when Emi wins!
12-You were so appreciative when I called AAA when you high centered your car on the rock in our driveway!
13-You were so patient with all of the wedding plans, especially your European cut suit
14-You like my homemade whole wheat bread
15-You help me with any projects I am engaged in, like moving furniture, hanging pictures, etc.
16-You pulled off the world's greatest engagement with the most beautiful ring! And you have now beat out Michael Dunn as the master of surprise
17-You take hikes up Neffs with Kona & Emi regularly and you cleaned up more of Moki's messes than we did
18-You slept in the hall in Sun Valley
19-You met Emi when she came home from Europe and brought her to Jackson to be with us
20-You have bonded with Jeff and Brady,
21....and Mindy and Whit
22....and Tagg and Maddie!
23-You put so much priority to being with our family and contributing so much to the fun
24-You survived a great year with TFA and now you are going to work for GOOGLE!
25-You clearly love and adore my darling daughter!!! By far the most important one!
I love and adore you and you will always be my favorite son-in-law!!

Happy 25 and know that I will adore you and be appreciative for you in our lives for the rest of my days!!
Love, Linny

there were many more darling and clever notes, just for 
husband to keep..but these two from our cute moms 
give an idea of the amazing people who surround us, 
and their love for chase! happy 25 sweetheart!


  1. Nawwww, your mums letter to chase is so adorable! x

  2. Happy Birthday, Chase!!!!

  3. Happy bday to Chase!! Those Mom letters are ADORABLE.

  4. Such an awesome and special idea! Happy Birthday, Chase! Hope y'all are having a blast in China!

  5. That is such a cute idea! Happy birthday to your husband! x

  6. Looks like just a fun festive day! Hope he had a great one!:) Good thing he was born just for you;)

  7. happy birthday to chase! and i cannot wait to hear about what you're up to in china!!

  8. Happy Birthday to your husband. Have a beautiful week and all the best for you.

  9. Hi! I am new to your site after finding you on Pinterest. Happy birthday to your husband! What a memorable birthday! I cannot wait to follow your blog further and see additional posts about your time in China. I spent three weeks traveling through six major areas of China a few years ago. I have posts about it on my blog, which I have just revamped. Feel free to check it out!
    Amy @


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