Tuesday, July 30, 2013

city of xi'an

this 3,000-year old city was quite the place to visit.
the highlight was of course the terra cotta warriors, but we saw a lot of other sights as well.
this is where we did the chinese calligraphy lessons! after that, we visited the city wall {and rented an old chinese tandem...} we also visited the wild goose pagoda and met a lot of darling local people. there is a lot of construction happening in this city, so it was pretty polluted and crowded- but we enjoyed it! if we were to do it again, we might have shortened our time in xi'an just to see the warriors, stop through the city, and be on our way. since we flew in from beijing, we planned a little bit more time to see it all.
^^ i like this view! :) chase was always perched somewhere, getting his gopro shots ^^
^^ silk rug market ^^
^^ i think he should have bought this ^^
^^ we rented a tandem and biked the city wall...pretty memorable! ^^
^^ the xi'an city wall at night ^^
^^ everywhere he goes, chase makes new friends. he saw this man doing an exercise with this racket, so took it upon himself to learn a new skill..the man loved it! ^^
^^ a common sight in china-- this is how they potty train! {AKA they don't!} ^^
^^ chase was constantly at the front with our tour guide asking questions and leading the way. i love how curious + friendly he is, always wanting to learn more! ^^
^^ pretty lily pond at the wild goose pagoda ^^
^^ in xi'an we finally found some ice cream..can you tell how happy he was? devouring :) ^^
^^ a shot of our tour group in xi'an ^^
^^ we explored the muslim quarter in xi'an, it was pretty crazy! ^^
next, we headed to suzhou. stay tuned for that!


  1. haha that little baby bum reminded me - my very first day in china, my sister and her kids took me out to do a little shopping at a kids market and as we walked in i saw a mom holding her child over a garbage can to go to the bathroom just outside the market door. it was quite a way of being welcomed to the country of china ;) i'll never forget the feeling of shock and just humor.

  2. I love all the colors. This looks so much fun :)

  3. Oh wow. I love these photos.

    My husband is always excited to find ice cream on our trips too. :)


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