Thursday, October 2, 2014

brunch is best when...

you've earned it.

we definitely earned this brunch...
with a bike ride up up UP lots of hills to 
see a new view of our city, explore some pretty
mosaic steps, and then bike back across the city
with pancakes in mind the entire time. i was SO
ready for this meal by the time we locked our bikes
up and got seated, and it made it ten times better!
when we have a free weekend i have goals:
to see something new & eat somewhere new.
check & check ✓✓
(luckily, in this city those things are always possible!)

mymy cafe was the best brunch i've had in a long time,
and not just because we had biked lots of hills before. 
this is a place that we pass every time we walk up
california street right by our apartment, & there's always 
a long line of locals from the neighborhood -- so we
knew it was a must-try. this is one of those hidden
gem spots: a great breakfast without too long a wait
for the top notch food! honestly, i will return here for sure.
with so many restaurants to try in this city, it's not often
that we return back to the same ones -- but this will be one! 

^^parma benedict = a delicious italian twist on 
eggs benedict with prosciutto, fresh melted
 mozzarella, roma tomato, basil, grilled 
asparagus, hollandaise sauce, and grana 
padano sprinkle. it was served on italian 
bread slices instead of an english muffin
and it was just different enough while still
tasting like the familiar benny. there are a
few different kinds of benedicts so i'll just 
have to come back to try the rest!

and these pancakes? i can't talk about them or
i'll have to head right back down the street and
get some more right now at 10 at night. they are
blueberry soufflĂ© pancakes and they were even 
more amazing than they look. trust me. this 
texture and flavor and lightness was heavenly.
they were going..........going...........gone! 

some breakfast places are just good & solid, but 
others are extra special. this is one of those! 

it's unique + satisfying + perfect whether 
visiting or local! just promise me you'll do brunch
when you're in san francisco...after all, it is coined:
this postcard makes it clear to me 
that we live in the right place :)



  1. Oh my gosh that food looks incredible!! I agree- brunch is totally the best when you've worked out before eating!

    1. :) precisely. what's your favorite brunch in boston? have you been to stephanie's on newbury?

  2. Those pancakes, though. Oh my goodness.

    1. right? even the picture makes me want to eat them off the screen.

  3. that looks delicious! i have to head up to the city soon and indulge! what made the pancakes like a souffle?

    1. you really should, we will join you :)
      they are a different recipe like a soufflé, so they are completely fluffy and the best texture -- not like a regular pancake at all! like air in your mouth! haha xo

  4. I am very impressed that you face the hills of SF with your bicycle, I wouldn't dare!! Mymy sounds adorable; thank you so much for bringing it to my attention. I will have to try it sometime soon, or maybe when my boyfriend next visits me from SLC!

    1. haha they are tough but going down them is the reward! YES, go soon! i love that you have an SF-SLC relationship, two of the best places! :)


  5. YUM! Brunch is always the best. Also I love that you can just see the temple in that postcard!

    1. love that you noticed that! :) let's go to the temp together soon yes?


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