Friday, October 17, 2014


spooglers = spouse googlers. 
how lucky are we to work at the same place
right now during this part of our life?

after going to college together and being
on the same campus all day ... to doing
teach for america together ... and now working
at google together we are pretty lucky that we've
shared so many experiences and been part of the
same organizations, have lots of the same friends, 
meet up for lunches, commute together, and see lots 
of each other. some people tell us this would never
work for them, but it does for us! 
we do different things at google and work in 
completely different buildings far apart, 
{google is HUGE} so it's not like we're typing
away next to each other at our desks all day :) 
but i love that we can always meet up...
for breakfast, a work-out class, lunch, dinner, 
or bowling...or to say hi...or on our commute!
we clearly love being a team whether it's:
college sweethearts, TFA sweethearts,
 or now google sweethearts!
haha i don't know how it has
worked out like this, but i'm sure
glad it has. i'm soaking up this time of
life all that i can because i know that it's 
so rare and lucky to be working at the same
place and have so much time together!
we're working on a new side project together now, 
and i hope we always share things in common
& work together. he's my favorite teammate,
business partner, tennis partner, dinner splitter, 
travel companion, and life companion.
can't wait for all that we do together in the future!



  1. You're so lucky! I'd love to work near/with my boyfriend.

    1. it is the best! i realized this week we probably take it for granted so had to post this to be more appreciative of it! :) where do you guys both work?

  2. That is so neat that you're able to work together - especially at someplace as neat as Google!! Yall make a beautiful couple :)

  3. Seriously so JEALOUS. I would love to work with my husband. alas I don't see that ever happening.

    1. i know, it's lucky that it lines up right now!! where do you both work?

    Will and I will forever be in different parts of life.
    I was done with school when he was just starting pretty much and I am NEVER gonna be a doctor! haha!

    Love that top too p.s.!!!

    1. ahhhh! options:
      1) get will a job as a doctor AT google
      2) become a nurse?

      haha love you

  5. We loved talking to the googlers today when it was night for you. It was so funny and I have laughed al day about the conversation! Buia dankie

    1. hahaha "my pen is in my hand!!!!"
      hahahaaaaa still laughing

  6. You are making me want to work at google!

  7. I am so jealous! Sometimes it feels like I go a week without seeing my husband period because I work early in the morning and he works late at night so we only see each other sleeping. SO fun that you guys get to experience that together!

  8. So cool that you work for Google and get to be around people you love. :) This is such a cute post!

  9. I love this! I think it's awesome how you and your man can work as teammates throughout every aspect of life. That's a sure sign of a GREAT marriage, and something I respect and admire. :)

  10. just like you said - enjoy this time!! my husband and i just recently moved, but before we were both working at huntsman cancer institute at the u! i miss him coming into my office just to do an insane dance move and then leave - hahaha. anyway, definitely don't take it for granted. easier said than done, but it's so fun to have that opportunity!

  11. No way!! You and your husband both work at Google?! How awesome is that? Do they really have slides to get to the bottom floor? :)

  12. I love this -- I'm new to the word "spooglers." And since you used the word sweetheart somewhere in there, I'm now coining the word "swooglers." Happy spoogling and swoogling!

    1. hahaha SWOOGLERS! way better. sweetheart-googlers OR swooned-googlers hahah you're a genius.


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