Sunday, October 19, 2014

tea time in san francisco

in celebration of living here in SF for over 2 years,
and of our engagement here almost 3 years ago...
we had a little outing to the famous rotunda
restaurant inside of neiman marcus at union square.
like you can see, it is way too beautiful for words. 
i am such a sucker for anything gold & cream.
it's the classiest of the classy and takes me right
to paris or london...and rotundas remind me of
DC and my favorite buildings there. clearly these
things made the rotunda my dream come true!
a few months ago, we walked by neiman marcus
{which we have walked by hundreds of times} and
found out there is a RESTAURANT inside up in
the gorgeous rotunda! i loved hearing this and knew
we had to we made reservations and used 
the excuse to celebrate and have a little outing!

it feels like you're dining at a palace in europe,
but you're right in neiman marcus. the space
is unlike any other, and so well done.

it was the crab & shrimp louie for me,
and the lobster club sandwich for him.

not to mention .. every meal starts off with
their famous popovers + strawberry butter.
popovers have always equaled a special occasion
to me, and so i love them {and love making them!}

not your typical club sandwich!
when you come to this city you must
have seafood, and these two dishes
were so fresh and delicious. there are
less expensive soups and lighter items
on the menu as well, so lots of choices!

and..though we're not official "tea" drinkers, 
we did order some herbal peppermint tea
to polish off lunch. after london life i can
never turn down an afternoon tea...there are a
few places i love like the orangerie there, and
our favorite grand america in salt lake city!
yay for having a perfect place in san francisco!

i never wanted to leave!
for dessert they brought out the famous
neiman marcus chocolate chip cookies 
packed up in a shopping box with the recipe.
cutest thing to take on our way after a lovely lunch.
if you're feeling fancy while in SF, visit the
rotunda. whether it's for a lovely lunch between
shopping, a tea party with friends, or an event,
it is always a treat to eat at the rotunda. it's a little
bit of magic in san francisco, and definitely memorable.

**WTW was welcomed as a 
guest of the rotunda.
all opinions are my own.



  1. This looks really awesome. :)

    1. you have to come here when you visit SF!!

  2. Wow what an elegant place. Sadly I have never had the privilege to eat somewhere as nice as this, but your posts inspire me! Someday I will.

  3. oh my goodness this is amazing! it is stunning in there, how cool. thanks for sharing all of the pictures!

  4. High tea at The Palace Hotel is one of my favorite things ever!!! My parents took me for my 10th and 16th birthday and I had the best times! Soooo fancy and elegant.

  5. This looks so amazing and so delicious. Super hungry after seeing these photos hehe. xx


  6. So gorgeous. Love the cookies to-go!

  7. Never knew about the rotunda! I will order peppermint tea and a crab louie when we go.

    1. i know! all those girls trips, how did we never find this? it made me miss you and i KNOW we'll be back together since we love our tea time!!

  8. Everything about this post is precious! You look beautiful and the restaurant looks incredible. Will definitely have to try it the next time my boyfriend visits from SLC :)

    1. you are too sweet. i hope you go, and tell me if you do!!

  9. This looks so beautiful! I hope I can go to San Francisco one day!

    1. i hope so too! i might be biased but i think it's the BEST city :)

  10. this looks like a girly girl dream come TRUE! oh my goodness. tea parties are my favorite - so this is going on the bucket list. xo

  11. That food looks incredible! And so do you!


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