Friday, October 10, 2014

the city by the bay

during the summer we met up with a photographer
from our home state who was in SF for a job.
tyler rye photography is too talented to pass up! 
we loved meeting him & his wife and running
around our neighborhood snapping some photos.
we even went up to our apartment building's roof
and took some city rooftop shots from there.
we always feel lucky to connect with great
photographers like here, here, and here.
we love having quality photos to have and
keep forever! especially these ones, since
they are right in our neighborhood and on our

we may have been a little bit frazzled
since we rushed home from work to take
these during my first week at google, :) but--
i, for one, am cherishing these photos
and this time in our lives. if you can't
tell, we love living in this city by the bay
and we are soaking up everything it has 
to offer because who knows how long we
will live here? i'm always looking for the
next adventure but making sure to savor
the present before we're on to some place new!
regardless, this city has our hearts forever and
now a little bit of that is captured in these.


  1. Such cute pictures. I love that dress & the gorgeous streets of SF!

  2. Agreed, I love ur style. Would you ever consider doing more posts on where you shop?

    1. ha i don't feel like i have too much expertise in that dept. but maybe i will have to do some more "what's in my suitcase" posts about favorite comfortable + cute clothes for traveling or adventuring! :) xo

  3. The couple captured some really great shots of you and your husband. You're both so stylish, I love looking at all your pics together!

  4. These are absolutely beautiful!! I love them!

  5. Beautiful pictures!! & LOVE your dress! You are just a babe :)

  6. These are gorgeous! They look like they belong in a magazine.

  7. These are amazing pictures in an amazing location!

  8. These photos are wonderful!!! :)

  9. These are all keepers. I like the effect of blurring your feet and keeping the upper part of the pic in focus. These are amazing pictures. A win-win day for you guys and the photographer!

  10. your dress is adorbs! how fun to have these pics taken in the city you love.

  11. Gorgeous photos! You guys are so cute!

  12. You guys have to be the most photogenic couple ever - I'm so jealous you've been able to hook up with all these photographers! Such adorable pictures. xo


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