Sunday, October 26, 2014

life lately : october

we're sad october is almost coming to an end,
but it sure has been a good one! we are currently
in canada and flying home later this week in time 
for halloween, so i'm sharing some snippets of our 
month before november is here! lots of photos below:

this month began with the best package ever
from the most darling friend who knows me so
well. it made my month! if you understand this
package -- a "bouquet of newly sharpened pencils"
and what it's from, you and i would be friends :)

cue the pumpkin pictures. i liked these 
wild stems out for sale on a city sidewalk.

it's not october without a bratwurst
at oktoberfest! it was SO good.

fall farmers market dahlias & sunflowers ^^

more farmers market...
blue pumpkins + squash!
 but-- don't let the pumpkin pictures fool you.
it is 80 degrees in san francisco and 
absolutely golden. i took this on a run
the other morning and almost tripped
staring at the beautiful view while running!
 ^^hidden inside of these punkin muffins=
a big square of chocolate. my best idea.

and two more good ideas for
 football watching nights. ^^
 ^^october always includes general conference
which made for a relaxing + uplifting weekend
this year. it always provides just what i need.
 one saturday this month we had a LONG day with
lots going on, and we walked all over the city.
at the end of the day we were SHOCKED we'd
walked 11+ miles! whaaattt? only in SF can you
do that without noticing! it's just so walkable! ^^
^^one of our favorite walks to take from 
our apartment is all the way down our street
to the water, ending at the maritime museum
and mostly at ghirardelli for a little treat :)

^^ chase's new quad copter has provided lots of practice 
days before putting it to real use on some upcoming trips! 
it is amazing and draws quite a crowd every time he flies it.

^^ apple CAKE. i can't stop..between
pear cake, plum cake, and this...we've used
the fall season fruit up the best we know how! 
plus -- they are all so pretty with that fresh fruit.
^^ the personalized google flight tracker makes 
my day...if you type in "my flight to _____" into
the google search bar, it will pull up upcoming flights
you have booked to that destination. it pulls from
online booking + your gmail, and only you can see
the info -- but it is pretty nice to have it on hand!
ps- i better get ready for some loooong flights ahead :)

^^ did you guys know you can broil grapefruit with 
honey and it carmelizes and tastes so sweet?
you can also sprinkle brown sugar or cinnamon 
instead. this is a great healthy treat to try.
^^ every time i jog past this i think of getting engaged 
on a boat in the bay leaving from this harbor and
i have to take a picture. every. time. so sue me!
 two words: indian food. ^^
getting ourselves prepped for next month!

 ^^ rose petals scattered all along the sidewalk 
made my run a little better // also how 
hilarious is this long-legged shadow!
i laughed out loud and had to take a
picture during my run. am i a giant???
 my october guilty pleasure...i could live off this combo. ^^

^^ i could also live off these and have made this
recipe a few too many times this month.
^^ luckily we've mixed a little bit of spinning
and juicing in with all those pumpkin treats! 
 also luckily there are amazing healthy
salads at work, and this pumpkin 
spice froyo --- right in my building. ^^

 we took our best friends to see "meet the mormons"
so they could meet some cooler ones than us :)
i loved it and we are now OBSESSED with 
this song. truly. i have to listen to it every 
night before bed to fall asleep now.
thanks dad for sending all of us!
^^ a much needed girls night pedicures with becca
// also be warned, if you come here and ask me for
tips, you'll get a personal color coded email like
this ...haha when our cute friends scott + sara
came to town they got more than they asked for!
^^ facetime with taggie in the tubbie,
and our FAVE neighborhood dog loves us.
he now expects a belly rub whenever we see him.
^^ christmas came early with this thing.
// also, SF's pink skies. i'm obsessed.
 we've been missing hawaii with my parents gone,
so we stopped by L&L for a plate lunch fix...along
with hawaiian sun guava juice & kauai kookies.
 gnocchi night with the kimball's 
in town at charming nob hill cafe ^^ 

^^ bread & cocoa, best café name!
briefly ran into st. george one morning on my run,
but found no swig or red rocks!! (sorry- utah humor :)

^^ tried on a new coat for our canada trip 
over my running clothes & had to finish 
my run with a shopping bag in hand!
^^ always love staying in the cute guest bedroom 
of our bff's when we have sleepovers //
also my team at work is planting our own
garden, & it's the cutest. only problem is
i have the opposite of a green thumb!
^^ more fans of the quad copter ... this means
i finally left and went shopping for a niners hat.
^^ we got to take a tesla back into the city 
from google the other day, that huge screen 
is my favorite. it's our dream car for when 
we move out of the city one day! // also,
so sad this piattini tapa restaurant closed..
but glad we made it for dinner there last week!
 fleet week was a major highlight of oct...
and so was this pumpkin ravioli & apple cake at home. 
a new secret rooftop discovery smack
dab in the middle of downtown. chase
led me on our run here (up lots and lots
of stairs) and i fell in love with the view!

we're suckers for any good view. ^^
love these little lights at pier 23. ^^ 
sent off packages for october family birthdays 
since we can't be there to celebrate! ^^
will it ever get old? maybe to you, never to me!
^^tried the best peruvian food truck -- sanguchon.
more great views from a sunny day. ^^
 ^^ and here are the pumpkins i actually got
for us -- i can't resist the cute little white ones!
^^ some fun nights spent with t&t lately including
ice cream sandwiches, finding secret view 
points, & fireworks. oh and copter flying, ha!

thank you october for always delivering.
we're ending you on a good note in pretty
canada, but we'll be sad to see you go! 



  1. You've Got Mail of course! Only the best movie EVER! Also, can you post the apple cake recipe?! Is it the same as the pear but with apples? I'm loving all things Apple lately!

    1. the pear cake recipe would work perfect with apples, i'd do that compared to this one!

  2. PS - I just bought that TJ's pumpkin raviloi but I was curious about a good sauce to go with it? Did you just sprinkle parm on it?

    1. yum-- yes we just drizzled a little olive oil and parm, it is too good by itself to add any sauce!

  3. Looks like you've had a wonderful (and busy!) month. And so glad to hear you are enjoying Canada. That's my home country so always like to hear that it is treating visitors right. :-)
    Thanks for including that tip about Google flights- I didn't know it could do that but it's a useful tool for sure instead of having to search through my email for my flight info!

    1. canada is really SO lovely, you should be proud to be from there! xo

  4. October is such a beautiful month in Utah, and you have captured great sights and smells in SF. There is nothng here that feels like fall at home. I love this post and all the great food you enjoyed and people you spent time with. Glad you got to the "Meet the Mormons" movie..

  5. Your pictures are fabulous! Love all the pumpkins... a good stem is where its at in my opinion! :) You have some amazing trips coming up. Soo jealous!

  6. All your photos are just incredible, but I have to say that the photos of the blue pumpkins and indian food are my personal favorites. What would you say your favorite indian restaurant in the Bay Area is? I've tried Ajanta in Berkeley and that was great; gorgeous interior and great food!

    Excited for the photos to come on your upcoming trips!! I've never been to either India or South Africa so I can't wait to hear what you think about them.

    1. you're so sweet.. we really like kasa right by us! i'll have to check out ajanta soon, thanks for the tip!

    2. PS- glad you agree about the best movie ever :)

  7. Enjoy Toronto! I just moved to San Francisco area FROM there in February. Hope you're enjoying it :)

    1. ahhh you did?! it's such a nice city! loved it!

  8. Looks like a wonderful month- I love how you document your daily adventures!! The different color pumpkins are too cute - I have never seen a blue one before! Also loving that cookie recipe you shared- yumm!!

    1. oh good i hope you made them! they are my fave!

  9. You've Got Mail, of course!! What a lovely October! Will you be visiting your parents in South Africa for Christmas?! How wonderful!! Also, just out of curiosity, how many vacation days does Google give their employees?

    1. :) good work! i am going to SA in january, just after christmas so that we can spend time with family in salt lake and then i can go there! our work is pretty flexible allowing us to work from other offices, etc.!

  10. so jealous of your itinerary! What fun adventures ahead! Loved all the pictures on this post :)

    1. it will be a fun and crazy next few months!! are you going home for christmas?

  11. speaking of swig, you know we have one in bountiful now??! :) next time you're in slc, come out to bountiful and we'll get some treats.

  12. Beautiful pictures! I especially love all the pumpkins!! x

  13. You take the most gorgeous pictures, and I'm truly jealous of your life in San Francisco. You and your hubby definitely live life to the fullest - we all could take a lesson or two from you! xo

    1. you are the sweetest person. that's our goal, but it's easy to do in a city like this!!

  14. All pumpkin everything. Love it. That turkey chili and cornbread sounds like the perfect fall dinner to me. While I love Peruvian food, I'm not a huge fan of Inca Kola. Yuck!

    1. ahh haha i agree! i didn't mention that i LOVED the peruvian sandwiches but you couldn't pay me to take a sip of the inca kola :) chase somehow likes it so that's why we got a can!


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