Sunday, January 4, 2015

new years in tiburon

welcome 2015!
we got back to SF just in time to celebrate the 
new year across the bay in the charming town of
tiburon. what i love most about living in the city is 
that we can escape so easily to amazing places that
feel so far removed from the busy city. tiburon is a
perfect's just a ferry ride away and all of
a sudden you're in a pretty little coastal town relaxing.

i adore it and knew it was the ideal place to celebrate 
the last few days of 2014 before coming back to the
city on new year's eve to ring in 2015 with friends.
we mostly relaxed after spending busy holidays with
family, talked about goals and plans and dreams and
wishes for 2015, and ate well. here are some photos
from our little getaway before 2014 came to a close! 
waking up to this view at the waters edge hotel is
hard to beat! it is aptly named, right on the water
with a view looking back at san francisco. 

breakfast in bed is a favorite way to start any morning.
the best part is, this is included in the stay! ^^

we will be returning to this place! ^^

the hotel also offers complimentary bike rentals, so you
can pedal around town and into some of the pretty, hilly
neighborhoods full of dream homes and views. i love that
you can see sweeping views of the golden gate bridge,
{seen above}...the city, and the hills of sausalito. heaven!

i green grass, sparkling blue ocean,
a view of the city, and my husband biking along ^^

the deck of the hotel is the best spot to hang out ^^

i'm a sucker for those bay views.

 million dollar view ^^

does anyone else dream of moving into these hills?

i'm really proud i didn't crash on my bike since i 
was snapping photos at every turn! i couldn't 
help myself, it was too stunning! do you blame me?
(i promise i had a helmet on, dad! :)
i loved that the hotel had binoculars in the rooms -
between angel island, the ocean, the city view, and
the hills, there is a lot to take in out these windows! 

the ferry honestly drops you off AT the waters edge
hotel, and you can see the dock from the windows.
it's a pretty perfect way to get here from the city! 

we couldn't believe all of the pelicans in front of the 
gg bridge. we sat and watched them dive for fish.^^

we also biked onto the little island of belvedere 
which is now connected to tiburon ^^

we spent an afternoon wandering the little downtown
and ark row...a little too much time was spent in our
favorite shop vineyard vines! {remember it from here?}

i love winter here.

and i loved that the holiday decorations were still up!

looking out across at our city ^^

^^ ideal for sunny lunches

we loved taking the blue & gold fleet ferry both ways 
for this trip. we didn't have to worry about parking, 
driving, traffic, or tolls. instead we had a gorgeous ride 
on the ferry and got dropped off steps from our hotel 
and restaurants. it is the perfect getaway for locals or 
visitors to the bay area! since we live right in the city 
and sold our car, we are big blue & gold fleet fans for 
these kinds of getaways to towns around the bay.

2015 is looking bright!

we had a memorable new year's eve eve dinner at a great
new tiburon restaurant, luna blu. it's italian owned and
right out on the water. it was a chilly night with some
wind, so they buttoned up the deck, turned on the heaters
and gave us blankets. it was so cozy and beyond charming!

how about this unique frisel salad? the pine nuts, 
tomatoes, frisee lettuce, & gorgonzola in a cherry
balsamic dressing was so light but so rich. ^^

like many great restaurants, the menu here rotates
based on what is in season. i doubt you'll be
disappointed anytime you visit, because the
personal touch here makes the food so satisfying.

homemade cream puffs + chocolate mousse ended
the meal with a bang. we left full but so happy! ^^

restaurants are memorable when they feel personal.
you have to go here not only for the top notch food,
but especially to meet darling chef renzo and his wife
crystal. they go around and talk to almost everyone.
renzo is from italy, and crystal is british. she told us
their amazing story and we left feeling like we had two
new friends. i always love hearing the story behind a place.

you can't miss luna blu right on main street
in town. the patio is pretty day or night!

after a dreamy stay, we left tiburon right in time to
celebrate new year's eve back in the city.

ferry riding back from our getaway ^^

^^ i loved this view as we came back into the
city to celebrate new year's eve after a relaxing
stay across the bay! so close but it feels far away.

bye, tiburon! hope to see you more in 2015.



  1. That last picture is amazing! Wishing you an awesome 2015 my friend!

  2. who looks that good on a bike ride!? i mean seriously!! Loved this time away.. happy 2015!

    1. haha not even! please move here and we'll go here together! :)

  3. This makes me what to go on vacation and I am currently still ON vacation, so.....problems. I've never heard of Tiburon though! Putting it on my list.

    1. haha the more you vacay the more you want to! see you TOMORROW.. and yes you need to have tiburon on your list.

  4. Such gorgeous pictures! Seems like a super dreamy way to spend NYE!

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  7. New to your blog, but addicted to your mad photography skills already ;) Check us out, We are from Utah.

  8. I am in love with your striped cardigan!! And what a fun little trip! :)


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