Thursday, January 29, 2015

johannesburg restaurant review:: doppio zero

johannesburg has some top notch food.

i expected amazing sights, animals, culture,
landscapes, climate, etc...but i did not expect
the amazing quality of food here! each day i
was blown away by the meals we had. such
freshness, deliciousness, and unique flavor 
combinations can be found in johannesburg's 
many restaurants. one of my very favorites was 
doppio zero, 
so i wanted to highlight them for those who visit SA!

this meal was already great because of the company i got
to share it with. i love having these two as dinner dates!

we started with tagliatelle...sliced steak, 
rocket and a honey balsamic drizzle. muah.

and place that does both pizza and pasta well gets an A+
in my book. this fettucini con pollo pasta was packed with
 flavor -- so rich, yet it still felt light. there is nothing worse 
than a bland pasta, and this is the opposite of that. the pollo
pizza is a must. it has south africa's famous sweet chili sauce
& the flavor is so unique-- unlike any pizza you've tasted. 

okay fine, we'll have some 
lemongrass + ginger mint juice too...
{ divine }

don't forget the thai chicken salad...with the sweet chili sauce
as well, this is one of the best, freshest + zestiest dishes.

although stuffed, we could not leave without grabbing a
belgium chocolate tartlet with some cinnamon mixed in.

thanks to my parents for introducing me to doppio zero!
it is a place i will definitely be returning to ... and hope 
you do to! a full guide to joburg will come soon.

**this post was in collaboration with doppio zero - cradlestone.
all opinions are my own! xx


  1. All of your South Africa posts have made me super eager to go! That pasta looks incredible. I agree there is nothing more disappointing that a bland pasta! Especially when you're a pasta fanatic like me! I also just booked my tickets to India after having read all of your posts from there, so thanks for all the inspiration! :) love love love your blog. Easily my favourite at the moment! Lots of love xxx

  2. One of my favorite places in the city! First of all, the service is amazing. The whole vibe of Boston restaurants is so chill and friendly. Our server made sure to explain everything on the menu, answer questions, and recommend dishes.


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