Wednesday, January 14, 2015

what's in my suitcase?

before most trips, i like to get a few new items to 
fill my suitcase with. . .just to keep it fresh! i've said it 
before, but i mostly get excited to shop when i have a 
new trip in mind. this week as i head to south africa, 
i'm sharing two new finds that i adore :: one for
my toiletry bag, and one for my suitcase. 
•••bloke sugar body scrub is a game-changer. my skin needs it while traveling with all of the dehydration and airplane air, so i'm excited to have this all-natural organic scrub right in my bag. it's made up of brown sugar + sea salt, coconut oil, and other goodness. the best part is it's great to use on your face as well as body. it looks like pretty sand, but smells INCREDIBLE and is my new favorite bedtime routine.
^^ a little shot of the nightly face scrub routine!

•••shop london gray is a darling new clothing brand started by our friends over here! they are just at the start, so i wanted to tell you about them now before they are the next big thing :) right now they have pretty tulle skirts + graphic tees. this brand is simple and chic and the tees are perfect for any traveler since they are in different languages and highlight places all over the world. i haven't taken any pictures in the two items i ordered so far, but they are packed away in my luggage!

they're just launching, and with chelsey's flawless style i know that what's to come will be even better! 

•••last but not least...this isn't in my suitcase yet... but it's on my wish list AS a suitcase! how perfect is this "escape" weekend bag by forest bound? i think i'm in love.

•••very lastly...i'm on the hunt for a new suit to fill my suitcase with later this year for a beach trip, and i'm eyeing this one! thoughts?

happy packing!


  1. That weekend bag is amazing. So very cute! I hate airplane air. Ugh.

  2. need that bag! hope you're having the best time with your parents!

  3. I have been seeing that Bloke scrub pop up all over the place and so I am thinking I actually need to try it. Where can it be purchased?

    1. i know- it's everywhere! for a reason! :)
      you can buy it online! xo


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