Friday, January 9, 2015

first visitors of the year!!

it didn't take long to get our first visitors of 2015,
my cutest cousin and aunt! {perks of living in SF ::
we get lots of visitors} we love trav and laurie, and
we were especially excited to welcome them since
travis just got home from 2 years spent in mexico on 
mission. he is like a little brother to me and we are 
so close with laurie, so we knew it would be a fun time.

^^ how cute can they be? welcome welcome!

visitors to our apartment always get some 
type of our favorite treats when they come 
to the city .. tcho chocolates this time! ^^

^^ they arrived on new year's eve after some delayed 
flights, but still in time to do a fun dinner + fireworks 
with us and our friends. we loved starting their trip with
celebration of the new year..then enjoyed the weekend!

walkin' and talkin' ^^

.. from the palace of fine arts .. to lombard street ..
to coit tower .. to the golden gate bridge .. to union
square .. to lots of good food .. we did lots of SF spots!

by far my favorite view of the golden gate --
but it does take a little bit of work to get here!
(ps .. do you like our bridge post at the bridge? :)

along with all we did in the city, we also ventured
across the bridge to sausalito and muir woods
for some hiking and the best burger lunch. 

sausalito is one of our favorite little towns to visit
across the bridge, but we have never found a staple 
favorite place to eat when we are there...until now!!
we were so excited when napa valley burger co. opened 
a while ago, and we thought this would be the best time to
try it! it was fresh, flavorful, and filling.
we filled up before going to hike right after!

we loved both their seasoned fries and their 
truffle fries with parmesan sprinkles ^^ 

you have to love a big juicy burger that is almost too
tall to eat in one bite! i loved the yountville burger with
gruyere cheese {my fave}, & other great flavors. chase had
the stinson burger and LOVED it. we all left so satisfied
and definitely ready for a hike after that great meal!

we had to take them to the top of mount tam
since we did it last january and it's the best view.
also, our grandma ginny grew up over here so we
have that connection whenever we cross the bridge!

enjoying the summit ^^

right now there is a little display on the old gravity car
that used to operate on mount tam - fun to learn about! ^^

this drive back across the bridge at dusk = gorgeous. ^^
that bridge is my favorite favorite favorite.

^^ chase took us all on his walking history tour of SF
{wish i was kidding, that boy loves this city and history
so much that he has his own little tour including this
hidden museum in the basement bank. if you look close
on the right, you can see a signature you might recognize :)

^^ let's not forget that chase flew the drone 
and trained trav how to do a catch landing :)

^^ the weekend also included other favorite SF eats...
farm: table for breakfast, nick's taco's one night,

and SF's top thai restaurant ^^

the final morning before their flight we drove across 
the bridge to go to the oakland temple - pretty as always,
and such a fun and special thing to do all together.

we loved this visit and hope for many more in 2015!



  1. What a fun trip, you are sure a great hostess!

  2. Seriously your visitors get quite the treatment!! that hike looks incredible!!!

  3. Hostess with the mostest! Also, I'd love a city tour from Chase. How much is he charging these days?

  4. how do you get to that view of the bridge? i can never figure it out!

    xo, k
    pocket of blossoms

    1. hi!! okay after driving across the bridge, instead of turning right where everyone goes -- turn left and go up the hill to the batteries! it's UNREAL!!!!!

  5. You should try the next time you are in Sausalito. It is my favorite restaurant there and the owner is the best!

    1. thank you for this tip!! can't wait to try it. :)

    2. this is crazy, some friends JUST raved about this place to us tonight!! keep hearing about it! can't wait to check it out!!

  6. Yall are awesome hosts - looks like such a fun time!! The restaurants all look delicious too! I love the view of the bridge - I'll have to keep that tip in mind for when we eventually make it to SF!

  7. I do not think I have ever seen the Oakland temple before, funnily enough. But it is a beaut! I bet your guys' friends and family just love coming to visit. So much fun.

  8. Seeing Laur Sue is like seeing me with you...almost! So glad we will be together this week.

  9. Wow, it looks like your visitors get to have a great time with you guys! Beautiful pictures, the food ones are making my tummy rumble though haha.


  10. Ahhhh, you finally visited Ler Ros!!! What was your verdict??


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