Thursday, January 22, 2015

kruger park + south africa's panorama route

hello! sorry for the slow posting while i am here in south africa.
i have never loved an experience more than this trip, and i have
so much to share. for now i am soaking in this time with my
parents in this beautiful country, but i want to post a little
 and stay on top of it as i go! so here is a little update.. xx
after safari-ing up in the north near nelspruit,
we ventured through kruger park on our own
and drove along the famous panorama route of
south africa. we only did part of each, but we
hit the goldmine. i will be returning to both!!
we truly saw jaw-dropping the sight
above...and we were in our own car! that is the
beauty of kruger park. it's your own safari!
we put up the middle seat and sat all together up front
so we could all see -- we probably looked hilarious 
but it was so fun // funny and i had to snap a selfie! ^^
wildebeest crossing ^^
^^ cute little springbok!

we came upon the craziest looking hyenas and
watched them eat. they looked and acted exactly
like the hyenas in lion king --- i am not kidding!
they were even eating an animal leg..eish!

^^ these elephants came out of nowhere and truly
KEPT coming. we couldn't believe there were
more and more! the babies are unreal darling.

baboon guy crossing the road ^^
^^ i spy a crocodile...with its mouth wide open!
^^ one of the "little 5." you have to look closely
to spot these little guys, but they are amazing! 
^^ and, an elephant skull. crazy!

we drove along the panorama route and
stopped at the famous viewpoint with a
great name: god's window.

africa is full of so much beauty 
everywhere you look.

even once you get out of the park it is so stunning ^^
we came upon this bungee jump // zip line combo and 
watched a guy bungee. it was so so high! i have a feeling 
chase will want to do this when we come back together...
^^ grabbed some of the best dutch pancakes in graskop
and we made a stop at the giant baobab tree ^^^
there is beauty all around.
happy thursday from this side of the world!

{as they write here in SA}


  1. What an amazing adventure!!!! Seriously, these pictures are amazing! You're making me get some serious waunderlust up here!!!

  2. Wow what an awesome experience you are having! I love these photos.

  3. This is one of my favorite posts!! I love all of the elephants - especially the babies!! What an incredible adventure!

  4. South Africa is absolutely amazing and will forever hold a very special place in my heart! Make sure you take a ride in a kumbi (...if you're up for it!!) :) :)

  5. I can't handle those elephants just walking across the road!!! Can't wait to hear all of these stories.

  6. Oh my goodness. I'm seriously stunned by how amazing this must have been! I would absolutely love to do this!

  7. s t u n n i n g . I am in love with your elephant pictures!

    Katie @

  8. ahhhh so cool! i love seeing your pictures. i went on a safari in kruger a few years ago & your pictures are giving me serious flashbacks. so fun, have fun with your parents!! xoxo

  9. Oh wow! Your pics are amazing! Makes me want to pack my bags and go somewhere...anywhere! I adore your animal pics, especially the elephants.

  10. Such beautiful scenery, those waterfalls are gorgeous!

  11. What a day it was! I loved every minute with you!

    1. you too! hope you noticed i started doing "xx" ...hehe


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