Thursday, February 12, 2015

life lately :: february

it's valentines eve!! we're halfway through february 
and almost to my favorite holiday...time for a little
update of our february so far before the holiday weekend!
i started valentines prep a few weeks early picking up
these sweet treats from harrods in the london airport.
trying to match this pretty pink building ... it is feb after all! 
february has felt like SUMMER over here with 70
degree weather, tennis dates, pizza dates, and fun.
i had to document my view waiting at the stoplight on the
sunday walk to church. also,  my picture bracelet.
lunch dates at our favorite sunny bakery 
right around the corner...flour & co.
about those tennis can't see it in this picture, but
these courts have a view of the golden gate bridge. not bad!
trader joe's does it again with these coconut pancakes...
they hardly even need syrup! even better, they were
followed up by a workout with a good book + better view.
continuing the treat trend. the first half of february is
always FULL of sweets for it should be! after the 
healthy eating resolution month of january ends, all 
things valentines are in the air... and it just feels right!
we are obsessed with PB&CO and all the flavors,
and of course the locally made TCHO chocolates.
trolley rides to work are a pretty fun way to start the
mornings. i can't help but take pictures on them!
a MAJOR highlight of this month was having a BFF
come surprise me in SF! one friday chase told me i 
had a package delivered so he buzzed them in and i
opened the door to see my bff's baby sitting on the
ground outside our apartment! di and her mom were
hiding, and jumped out to complete the surprise. it was
the best and we had a fun weekend with them in town!
more tony's pizza, lots of walking, catching up, and lots 
of treats. i'm impressed with chase for keeping the secret!
my steamed milk rooibos combo, plus my creation of
coconut - chocolate - banana muffins. yes and yes.
so sad i missed the wades being in town for a visit,
but it looks like they took care of chase just fine...
do i see a dozen donuts in that box for 3 people?? :)
the best two parts of our early valentines dinner at 
home since we'll be out of town this weekend celebrating!
warm sunny days lead to melty 
bi-rite ice cream...i'll still take it!
city shots because i cannot help myself.
everywhere i turn i love SF more!
one of our favorite spots in the city that we hadn't been
to in far too we've remembered how delish it is 
and we'll be back for their rice pudding much more often. 
cookies and cream rice pudding  >>>>>>>
also, their handmade froyooo. no words.
february is black history month and we were lucky
to attend a screening of selma at the famous
castro theater! i definitely cried and it was so good...
but hard to watch. we loved going with the craven's!
you know you're in the castro when the crosswalk
is rainbowed-out! :) we need to come to this 
neighborhood more much going on!
first time to castro theater had to be 
documented with a selfie! ^^
tried to be healthy{ish} with our superbowl spread this year,
and laughed when we saw a patriots fan running through 
the streets waving his flag later that night! what a game.
we're feeling even more "city" now with no car and
new muni passes...we find every excuse to take
the trolley or underground, or walk! i love it!
dusty turned 30! our best friends in the bay always
know how to celebrate. we love you dust!
"here's to s'more years" s'more bar by kendall...darling!
these are the two healthy meals i have eaten this
month ... in between all the valentines sugar!
we met up with the sweetest of couples from SLC who were
in town for a few days. i could talk to shelby for hours!!
also, nick's crispy tacos ... we cannot stay away.
i really can't stay away from the south african natural
rooibos tea. i brought so much home with me! i also can't
stay away from these winter blood oranges. so tasty!
on wednesday's at google we celebrate with the 
"hump-day" camel + avocado chocolate pudding.
can't complain!
i wasn't kidding about the treats overload this month...
i stumbled upon this guy reading our blog in the
heathrow airport! i was laughing so hard!
probably our one and only blog reader :)
we chatted for a while and he had seen it because
of the quad copter footage we took in india! he
just visited NYC for the first time and used our
guide which made me happy. small small world!
valentines baskets for the win ^^
our pretty church building in the middle of the city ^^
we are so lucky to walk to church here each week and i
never stop and document this white building i love.
we stumbled upon this view and it took our breath away.

and now we're headed away for the long weekend
to celebrate valentines day, eat good food, and
see some best friends in texas and new orleans.

**any tips for austin // san antonio // houston //
or NOLA are welcome! we'll be in new orleans 
for mardi gras, so wish us luck! haha ahhh!



  1. Too cute and happy Valentine's day! That is really funny that the man was reading your blog in the airport! I love all the sunshine that you guys are getting in SF. Have a blast in NOLA and definitely hit up Cafe du Monde! Their beignets are amazing :)

    1. can't wait for those!!! :) happy long weekend dear!

  2. never stop posting at about SF - you are getting me so pumped to move here! you have such a fun way of capturing the city!

  3. I am so jealous of your lunch dates!!!

  4. looks like a sweeeet month so far! all your pictures are making me hungry!

  5. that picture bracelet looks so great! I am definitely going to have to check that out! you are going to have a great time in NOLA! I was just there for the first time for NYE and it was even better than I had imagined!

  6. Loved this post- Have fun on this weekend travels!

    Katie @

  7. So jealous you're in New Orleans! Even though we just went in October, I miss it so much!! I went to Mardi Gras a few years back with my best friend and our moms and had a blast! Make sure you catch as many parades as possible!! Make sure to stuff yourself with beignets, because they're never as good as in New Orleans!! And have fun!!

  8. Always fun reading out your adventures! While having a baby is amazing, I miss out on all of the bakery visitors now! Thanks for coming by for some lunch and hope to see you next time. Anyway, love the photo bracelet!!

    1. WHAT! i had no idea!! belated congrats, & hope to see you soon!!!

  9. now that's what i call a chocolate glazed doughnut!!!!!! yum!

    xo, k
    pocket of blossoms

  10. Emi, your posts are the BEST, I'm always so sad when I'm finished reading them! How funny that man was reading your blog! Your photos are so cute! That rice pudding looks so yummy. Tram rides were definitely one of my favourite things in San Fran! I can understand why you like taking them so much! Another lovely post :)

  11. Such an exciting month already and you haven't even documented your trip to Texas and NOLA! Can't wait to read your Mardi Gras madness! Coconut pancakes sound downright heavenly right now!

  12. hahaha the guy reading your blog and the google hump day picture made my night!


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