Monday, February 23, 2015

new orleans, i love you

i think i already loved new orleans before even arriving.
i loved that it has a french influence. i loved that it is unique. 
i love that it has the feel of the south, but with its own
spunk and spirit in the air. i loved that it is unpredictable, 
crazy, wild, and exciting while also remaining charming.

and now that i've visited...

new orleans, you are irresistible. 
you are hard to ignore. 
you are happy and friendly 
and unlike any other city.
i love you new orleans, and
i already want to come back to you! 
you are a feast for all senses ... 
you taste AMAZING with your beignets and
fried everything, you are a babe with your iconic 
pastel homes in rows and balconies, & with the 
sound of jazz music playing all through the streets
you have such a tangible feeling in the air! 
you made us leave wanting more.
we stayed in the french quarter and were quickly
smitten with the lively, darling area. all the streets
have french names, there is food and music and
laughter everywhere, and i wanted to move into
every single home. it's a dream. we happened to
be here leading up to mardi gras, so we saw it
in it's prime...and it was still darling even with the
craziness! we wandered and wandered all through
the french quarter, loving it more at each turn.
we walked all the way from the quarter uptown into 
the garden district, and somehow i fell even more in love.
what is this city with so many amazing aspects to it??
i was wearing a pretty fitting shirt to explore the garden 
district in, especially with the heavenly blooming magnolias!
the homes in the garden district >>> i have no words.
when can i move in any//all of these?
i like that although this is the most expensive part
of the city, the homes are still classic and not all modern.
back to café du monde for our second time in 12 hours,
because they're never better! and because of all the walking. 
we even got some to-go AFTER having them inside.
do you think chase liked them? haha! ^^^^
^^ and this is saying a lot! hah, we also stocked up on 
a few of these beignet mixes for when we 
are missing new orleans once we get home ^^
we had a tour of one of nola's famous cemeteries.
the reason they are so beautiful and unique here is
because the city is below sea level, so there are no
underground burials. all cemeteries are above-ground
graves which i kind of love. they are really pretty to
stroll through, and a lot of locals walk through often.
we made our way back into the quarter for some
more exploring as it got a little bit cloudy. we
saw the city in all different weather and loved it all!
you can tell we're in the french quarter because somewhere
along the way someone gave me pink beads to wear... ha
around mardi gras, beads are just part of the city's decor.
it's hilarious! i loved this magnolia tree sprinkled with them.
time for a stop to try po' boy sandwiches!!
{more on this amazing place later...}
^^ the praline candy is BIG in new orleans, and once we
sampled it we were big fans. we ate so healthy here! :)
this little glimpse into new orleans makes me miss it
already... i hope it shows the beauty and pizazz of
this town! i'm a big big fan. i'm excited to still share
our crazy MARDI GRAS experience here!! it showed
us new orleans at its best {and wildest} and it just
made us feel even more connected to it!


... more about mardi gras soon ...


  1. Oh my goodness we were there for Mardi Gras too! I wonder if we crossed paths!? Couldn't agree with you more on everything. I am sooo in love with Nola! <3

    1. whatttt? that's so crazy! i wonder if we did! so many people..haha!

  2. We have lived in Louisiana since October and have yet to make it to New Orleans, Kyle's job keeps him busy but I'm hoping we can make it there soon.

    1. oh my goodness, you are so close i hope you do! it's a dream!

  3. Love, love, love, I wish I was back there right now too! So glad you enjoyed it!

  4. Beautiful photos. I would love to return to New Orleans and experience its charm and good eats!

  5. NOLA is absolutely one of the coolest cities I've ever seen. I love how unique it is and every time I go, I feel like I wandered into a big, laidback (yet somewhat crazy) party with the best music and food ever.

  6. so many beautiful colors! what a remarkable city!

  7. SO cool that you went to new orleans! this is one of my top dream trips to do in the states! & it looks exactly like i picture it would! xo

    1. same, i was dying to go and it exceeded all expectations!

  8. It looks so beautiful! I'd love to visit it one day :)

  9. ah i have always wanted to visit new orleans - i can't wait to read your post about mardi gras wahoo! ps that gray hat looks great on you!

    1. it's amazing. mardi gras was nuts, hahha i'm excited to share it! THANK you on the hat!

  10. You will make everyone want to go to New Orleans. The color of the buildings are so darling...and so are you!

  11. Such a charming city! I love the history of it all! I feel like in Utah we are lacking in that really old history type of thing but that's ok. are beignets not the greatest thing ever?? YUM.

  12. these pictures are the best! i love your little life!!


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