Friday, February 20, 2015

a stop through san antonio, texas

san antonio has always caught my attention
for some reason. the fun riverwalk, the
great food, the alamo, the old town charm..
all of these things have pulled me in and 
made me want to visit when i've heard
about them! since we were in austin and
heading to houston to see friends, i knew
we had to take the long way and stop on
through san antonio...finally! i am so glad
we made it here, because we both really
liked this town. chase LOVED the history
packed into this little city, and i loved the
fun atmosphere and charming streets.
we left austin and hit the road for a texas road trip.
it felt kind of weird to be in a car and just have open
road and our own schedule, since our SF city life is
fast-paced with no car and all public transport, catching
trolleys, etc. it was nice and relaxed to just drive through
the texas countryside and stop where we wanted! it made
me decide we for sure need to do a cross-country road trip
and stop at all the tiny fun towns you'd never go to one day.
we pulled into san antonio, and you can see why i
immediately loved it! it feels like the old west.
the alamo was a great stop. our texan friends told us 
they don't like the alamo, but us history-lovers (especially
chase) couldn't get enough. we used our field trip app
to read up on all of the stories while in line, and it was
fun to walk through it. it's not a long stop, and i love that
it's free for the public! it's a must-stop in san antonio.
the charming little trolleys and horse-drawn carriages
add to the appeal and slow pace of the town i think!
we wandered down to my favorite part, the riverwalk!
i LOVE things like this. it's right in the center of town,
lined with restaurants, little markets, stands, and people.
you can take boat rides down the river, and there is
live music every few steps. it's bustling and amazing!
next time we are coming and staying right on the riverwalk!
it was so pretty along here, but it is i
cannot even imagine it in summer! hot, but beautiful.

pretty buildings and desert cacti... scenes of texas!
one final stop through market square, and then we 
were back on the road headed toward houston.
bye, san antonio!!
we stopped off in luling, texas {near famous lockhart}
for some of the best texas barbecue i've ever had.
it just looked like this random little stop until we
walked in and saw about 300 people packed in there
in line...and they were mostly all locals. that's when you 
know it's good! we survived the line and got our bbq,
and it really was AMAZING. brisket with charred tips,
and the best, tangiest house bbq sauce. SO good.
at the end of the line you go into the little smokehouse to
order, and you see how authentic it really is. they cook this
meat to perfection over multiple days...and you can taste it!

on to houston to see friends!!



  1. I am always loving your outfits- especially that scarf! Glad you are enjoying Texas!!!!
    It's another warm sunny day here in SLC!

    xo! Katie @

    1. thanks dear! love that it's been so warm in SLC!

  2. I taught Texas history for two years, it's really fun going to San Antonio where it all happened. I'm so glad you got your taste of Texas bbq and you went to the best place to experience it!


    1. that is so great! love that you taught there. the BBQ was unreal!

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  4. I love this! San Antonio has been on my bucket list for so long! I can't wait until I get the opportunity to go. Looks like you had a blast though! That BBQ looks amazing!

  5. I've always wanted to visit San Antonio! The River Walk looks amazing! Indianapolis has a gorgeous canal downtown, too, but none of the restaurants can survive on it. In the winter, it gets too cold and no one ventures down there. It breaks my heart.


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