Wednesday, February 25, 2015

po' boys in new orleans

new orleans is a food city.
to me, a food city means that a place
not only has incredible places to eat, it also
has its own food and way of eating. new
orleans hits it out of the park when it comes
to the food. you have some of the southern
influence, some of the french, and a lot of
the new orleans original. from beignets to
gumbo to jambalaya to po'boys to crawfish,
i think we covered the spectrum in our short
visit. somehow we kept eating and eating!

today i'm sharing one of the classic spots
that makes new orleans and its food
is a well-known place in the big easy,
which is evidenced by the lively line
down the entire sidewalk. the difference
here is that it's not right in the french
quarter or a touristy spot -- it's north
where you have to work to get there.
this makes it feel like a true hotspot
when you see locals and in-the-know 
visitors in the line. it's a neighborhood
landmark and a true "new orleans
tradition." even president obama has
dined here! if you want to try a good
authentic po'boy, this is your spot.
^^ we took the streetcar from the french quarter
up to the area near bayou st. john where you
will find parkway. next, you will find a line:
but, it's fun line full of happy people because 
it's new orleans and that's the way things are!
straight to the good stuff : i got the golden fried
shrimp po'boy .. a classic! it was delicious, especially
with the unique remoulade sauce they have here.
a po'boy is a traditional sandwich that came from the
term "poor boy" since it was a cheap way to feed the
working class with leftover french bread slices. it it
still served on french bread with all different
kinds of meat / fried food and lots of fixings.
let's not forget the cold barq's rootbeer and
the sweet potato fries ....... perfect compliments!
chase had the popular roast beef all dressed up with
toppings and gravy galore. it was amazing & filling!
two really unique dishes we tried were:
fried pickles (above), and ... ALLIGATOR::
i was not so sure about this dish, but i think it was
my favorite of all. who knew alligator was so delicious?

this is a great stop in new orleans, and i can't
wait to share more in my new orleans guide!
^^ and a little behind-the-scenes of when we do a feature :)

thanks for having us, parkway!

we can't wait to come back next time we're 
in new orleans...we'll probably be full until then!

you can find parkway at
538 Hagan Avenue | New Orleans, LA 70119


  1. Great photos!
    Hahah, I was amazed about the alligator dish! OMG, and it became your favorite among all..
    hmmm, when can I taste those?

    I'm sure you have enjoy your trip there :)

    Almera | Almeratalks: Share Moments. Share Life.

  2. Delicious! I love po boys AND fried pickles. I've never tried alligator, but if you endorse it and promise it isn't too fishy, then I'll try it!

    1. haha no not fishy AT ALL! more like steak!

  3. Wow, all that food looks amazing!!! I'm starving now haha. I've never had alligator but now would love to try it!

    Miranda xxx

    1. haha i know, that's the thing about these posts...when i'm writing them and remembering the food i get starving every time!

  4. Yummm I wish I was having a po boy right now! Did you guys stop by Central Grocery for muffalatas? Oh man, my mouth is watering...

    1. no! NEXT time i need to!!!

    2. Seriously, I don't eat much meat usually but I was stuffing my face there! Next time for sure, you guys will love it!

  5. I want those sweet potato fries, they look delicious!

  6. The food here looks so good. I love that amidst all the fried food that Chase ordered the classic roast beef sandwich.

  7. I love New Orleans! Such a fun and lively city! We go to Nola's in Palo Alto and the Boxing Room in Hayes Valley whenever I am in need of gator and beignets, not the same, but as close as I can get!

  8. You tried alligator! And I can't believe it's good! Everything but that sounded so tasty.


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