Sunday, February 1, 2015

my favorite lunch spot in south africa

you didn't think i would go all the way to south africa 
and not find a few favorite places to feature did you?
i can't help myself! even though i was visiting family
and busy seeing the mission, meeting people, and 
spending time with my parents...i am so glad i did 
not miss joburg's BEST daytime dining spot: tasha's.
for lunch, brunch, or tea time, this is my kind of place.
tasha's is ideal for a classy, lovely setting with food 
that is done just right. i really don't know how you
could walk away dissatisfied from a meal here.
we stopped in during brunch time and couldn't resist
getting some breakfast items as well as a lunch dish.
i think you can judge a place on their eggs benedict.
it is such a specific dish that needs to be done just
right, and since my mom makes such a good eggs benny
i've rarely been completely blown away by one eating out.
this one changed that. the light, lemony hollandaise is
perfected, and it's served on crunchy ciabatta bread.
the flavors and execution are flawless on this dish!
it paired well with the coconut french toast, but i think
we all leaned toward the more savory dishes here. 
they were just too good! 
in between all the amazing food we had a few
rooibos teas, done cappucino style. we don't normally
drink tea or coffee, but this south african tea is all-
natural and it's one we can drink! i think i became a
little bit obsessed with these...especially getting them at
cafes where they make them this way. they are so 
soothing and packed with antioxidants so win-win!

and, the grand finale of the meal = the butternut salad.
i can't do justice to this salad. my dad loves it and had
sent me pictures of it before, but i thought...i've had plenty
of salads with butternut squash, i'm sure it's good! i had no
idea what i was missing. the combination here of the
perfectly cooked butternut, freshest avocado, very light  
goat cheese, and most incredible DRESSING really
make this salad a winner. it is better than any other
salad i have. i am an exaggerator and i love a lot of
food, but i promise promise promise i mean it here :)
this salad is an absolute must and i am already looking
forward to having it again when we go back to SA!
at tasha's you need to be sure to save room
for dessert. i'm sure you can see why :)

this restaurant does absolutely everything right in my
book. i only wish it would come to california, but
it's expanding throughout the world so fingers
crossed it will one day! it was so nice to talk with
tessa and hear all about how this place runs.

be sure to add tasha's to your list in south africa!



  1. Ok. I think that's my new favourite spot too (well to see you eat at) haha!

  2. All that food!!! Looks absolutely unbelievable. I have been loving reading about your South African adventures! Keep the posts coming! :)

  3. If you're looking for a venue for a small event (50 guests) in this area, you may want to stop by and check it out. Their event planning staff is very friendly and the food is great.

  4. That salad looks crazy good! YUM!

  5. Fantastic Africa lunch food.That is looking very nice.I totally love the nourishment!! I'm there all the time for my lunches and have never been frustrated. At long last some genuine inventiveness and development in Windhoek and the changing lunch menu is loaded with surprises. Thanks all!!


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