Thursday, February 7, 2013

one of those weeks

sometimes there are those weeks that feel too long .. too busy .. too stressful ..
it feels like there's no time to even breathe. with my graduate school, TFA, 
apartment managing, & catching up on lots of other things after 
being gone last weekend, this has been one of those weeks. 
during this crazy week, i've had to remind myself to 
celebrate the little things, like:
^^national frozen yogurt day^^
could there be a better holiday? FREE yogurtland made my monday so much better.

^^thai take-out for dinner^^
lucky to have the cutest husband who had our favorite pad thai takeout 
waiting for me {with the table set} after a long day.

^^mom's homemade bread^^ 
she gave this to us in a little care package..nothing better than a literal taste of home!

^^this little sign^^ 
i adore this sign hanging in our apartment, it always cheers me up!

^^my favorite yogurt-granola-soymilk with fruit combo^^ 

^^a food rub {and pedi} from this guy^^ 
who needs a nail salon when your husband is willing to give you an at-home pedicure?

^^grapefruit for breakfast^^ 

^^an organized shoe closet^^ 

^^this sweet sign in our bathroom^^ 

^^a cream cheese empanada^^ 
our favorite mexican treat

^^this city^^ 
...and all the great weather we've been having in the bay

^^a little reminder of love^^ 
with the prettiest carnation

^^the fact that my parents are in a jamba juice commercial^^ 
haha yes i'm serious!

^^breakfast for dinner^^
needs to happen once in a while..and when it does, it's amazing.

^^finally taking a deep breath and getting time to make a meal^^ 
..our favorite pasta dish..

^^making chocolate cream pie at 11:00 pm^^ 
and eating half of it straight out of the tin with husband..oops!

^^reading this quote, my very favorite^^ 
{image designed by husband}

it's really all about the little things in life!
always look around and notice all the {many} things there are to be happy about.
what are some of your simple pleasures this week?


  1. Love this post! You have the cutest little life! Xoxo -A

  2. That bread really does look good- along with all the other food in this post! Husbands do give good pedicures! :)

  3. homemade bread is where its at and breakfast for dinner is always wonderful. how cute that he give you a pedi and does a good job!!

  4. That is so cute that Chase gives you pedicures!

  5. This year has been like that for me so far. Think ima have breakfast for dinner today ;) #simplepleasures

  6. I can't believe I missed national frozen yogurt day! Love these pictures!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  7. So glad you stopped by the blog! I love you guys' love story! So sweet. Love that he courted you! And girl, a guy who will give you a pedicure = keeper for sure. ;) Also, I love that sign! I am working on a similar one for our home. And so cool that your parents are in a Jamba Juice commercial!

  8. Isn't there such a sense of accomplishment when the shoe closet is organized? I think it's because it's just pure chaos when all the little shoes are without their partners.

    Do you simply love San Francisco? It's one of my favs to visit. In fact, I just wrote today about the time I ran Bay to Breakers there.


  9. your shoe closet makes me so happy. lovely, organized shoes. is there anything better??!

    an at-home pedicure? you ARE a lucky girl!!

    and breakfast for dinner - my favorite, by far.

    my simple pleasures this week? an abnormally VERY good monday this week. i'll have to tell you about it sometime ;)

    happy weekend. xo.

  10. it REALLY is about the little things. i'm thankful for my apartment. a little thing. but man. i'm grateful.


  11. I totally feel ya on having one of those weeks! TGIF! so fun your parents were in a commercial.

  12. I seriously adore your blog. It's so sweet and comforting :)


  13. a great post.. i don't know what to comment on first..
    your parents in a jamba juice commercial..
    thai food and the table set or that foot rub..
    oh and the fish print.. so cute.

  14. How do I convince my husband to give me a foot rub/pedicure??!! I need to know your secret.

    I crave frozen yogurt on an hourly basis...yummm!!

  15. I just love that the majority of this is food. So great.

  16. There is a national frozen yoghurt holiday? That's so cool :D

  17. Thanks for sharing your week. Mine was so busy it feels like I fell off the face of the time for anything but work and sleep. I am happy to be back and I want that fish in the sea frame! Where did you get it? I might just make my own...

    xx Kelly

  18. There is NO better time than 11:00 pm to make pie.. delish! Love your blog :)

  19. MMMMMM breakfast for dinner is my absolute favorite! Yum yum yum

  20. A husband that gives pedi's!? I'll take one of those!
    How cool are your parents?
    Some people really underestimate how an organized closet can really make you feel right?
    Hope things slow down this week!


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