Monday, February 11, 2013

valentines past

i really and truly love valentines day the very most..and always have!
there is just something about a day ALL about love that i have always adored.
valentines is about love in all its forms, and that's the best part of it.
anyway, since we started this blog when we got married, we don't have 
any valentines from our dating years on it! so since it's the 
week of valentines, i thought i'd share our valentines past...
  • today i'll do valentines 2010,
  • tomorrow valentines 2011,
  • wednesday valentines 2012,
...and then i will be even more excited for valentines 2013!!!!

-------VALENTINES 2010-------
wow that sounds like a long time ago!! 
this was our first valentines that we knew each other, but we had just barely started dating and we were definitely dating other people too. chase still managed to take me on a date that weekend among other lucky girls, and although it was fun..i do remember starting to wish i had him as a valentine all to myself. up until then i was fine dating other people and going on some dates here & there with him, but around valentines i remember first thinking about dating just him. after love day we still dated others for a month until he saw me in march and "knew" he had to date me. i guess cupid did shoot our hearts that valentines, we just didn't fully know it yet at the time. here is a picture from our valentines date in 2010 with chase's fraternity...really romantic!
this was a fun valentines early on in our dating, 
but trust me...they only got better from here.
valentines 2011 coming tomorrow!


  1. y'all are too cute! can't wait to read the rest of the stories :)!

  2. awe! the beginnings of love! :)

  3. Awe! This is really cute! Looking forward to tomorrow's post!


  4. this is so cute! i was just thinking about hubs and my first lovers day together...we were already married! haha. we didn't even have one when we were just dating. that's weird. anyway, can't wait to read the rest!

  5. Love Valentines. So happy that it's finally love week! It will be my first married valentines too!! Love your idea to share your valentines from the past.

  6. love this. haha. thats the best. and im glad he is all yours now!


  7. you two are just too adorbs. you went through the sharing phase just to be happy and the ONLY one thereafter ;)

  8. How fun to look back and see how much things changed through the years! I'm excited to see how subsequent Valentines Day celebrations grew with your relationship.

  9. So cute...can't wait to read more of your Valentine's Day stories!

  10. i can't believe you remember the valentines from years past i don't think i ever remember what we did last year. although i do remember the year that my then fiance now husband forgot valentines day, yah i made him realize he should never forget valentines day ever again! cant wait to read the rest of your valentines days

  11. haha so much fun! i love looking back :)

  12. What a fun dating story, Emi :) I just love hearing these stories. Happy February! xo

  13. My sentiments exactly! Have a Wonderful Valentine's Day!!


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