Thursday, February 14, 2013

valentines 2013

happy love day!
yay for the best holiday of the year!
yay for our first valentines married!!
yay for memories from valentines past..
{here, here, and here.}
yay for love, love, and more love.
and, yay for TICKETS TO....p a r i s!
yes, it's true, we are headed to PARIS tomorrow!
i can't think of a better place to be with my valentine.
favorite holiday + favorite husband + tickets to PARIS= 
perfect valentines.

this morning included:
a special breakfast for my valentine, a few gift exchanges, 
and some cuddling before heading off to work.
i gave husband a whole list of recipe options for valentines, and he chose this
sugar crusted vanilla french didn't disappoint! make it! 
we even had heart shaped ice cubes with our orange juice..
he gave me this little quote block that i ADORE and left notes all over the 
apartment for me to find, but we are exchanging our real gifts tonight...
and then enjoying the trip of course! {it includes a stop in seattle, then paris + rome!}
then it was off to festive attire of course!
^^ these pretty flowers were delivered to my work ^^
i got home & made some treats..

and started to pack..
can't wait for dinner tonight, opening presents, and then finishing PACKING!
..perfect gifts.. 
happy love day to all!


  1. Adorable! Have a wonderful time in Paris!! Happy Valentines Day


    PS- next year I will be sure to have my husband contact your hubs for some gift guidance :]

  2. WOW!! Enjoy your travels! Sounds delightful!

  3. Sounds so romantic. Enjoy your trip. Cannot wait to see all the photos when you get back!

  4. You are one lucky lady! That sounds perfect, oui oui Paris around Valentine's day! Safe travels!

  5. Can we switch hubs for the day? Have fun in Paris Lucky Lady!

  6. so romantic and special! have a wonderful & safe trip. also, i'm making the baked quinoa and cheese tonight with our valentines dinner!

  7. I think you guys get the award for cutest couple in the world. And PARIS?! Oh my goodness.
    Hope you and your man have a fabulous Valentine's day. :)


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  9. serious cuteness! rob needs to step up the note giving... PARIS! i am so so so so so so excited for you!!!!!!!!!

  10. You're such a lucky girl! I think all girls out there can agree that the epitome of a great Valentine's Day gift is a trip to Paris with the one they love!

    - Carrie

  11. Wow have an amazing time in Paris!!! :)

  12. happy 1st married valentines day! where did you find the mold for the heart ice cubes? wow paris how lucky are you!!

  13. Paris! Lucky girl, have fun!


  14. OMG, Im so green with envy. Definitely a happy valentines day :)

  15. paris?? seriously?! what the heck!! either you have awesome hookups or you're seriously loaded ;) either way, i'm totally jealous (the closest i'm getting to paris is the giant picture of it i have hanging on my living room wall). have a most fabulous time, as i'm sure you will! xo.

  16. I'm so jealous you're going to Paris! I want to go back! Have the best time!

  17. How cute! I love your festive work clothes! I hope you have so much fun on your trip! I cant wait to read about your travels when you get back!

  18. Bon Voyage! ;-)*

  19. I am ashamed that i didn't do any of this Valentine's Day fabulousness for my husband! I adore the heart-shaped french toast! We just stayed home, watched t.v. in bed, and had some of our fav food from a Mexican hole-in-the-wall place at home. -Jessica L

  20. Adorable! I love it all! Have a fantastic trip!



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