Monday, April 1, 2013

first kiss

three years ago today i got my last first kiss in the rain on 17th avenue by 
the cutest boy. i can still remember driving home and hearing "today was
a fairytale" on the radio, and thinking that lyric finally made sense.
after lots of waiting and dating this boy, i finally got a kiss from him and it was
a million times better than any other kiss i'd ever had. i remember waking
up my best friend when i got home that night and telling her every detail
and being so giddy. every kiss since that first one has only gotten better!

...yes, we do remember the date of our first kiss.
maybe it's because it was april fools day three years ago,
and i am so happy that it wasn't a was real!
so glad that happened, along with everything else that came after it.
love you chase!


  1. such a sweet post! i'm glad it wasn't an april fools joke for you either!

  2. I love this post! So sweet! :)

  3. GUSHING right now. This is such an adorable post. :) Your relationship with your man is so inspiring and sweet.
    Wishing you both the best!

  4. I remember the date of my first kiss with my now husband too! :)

  5. So sweet:) that last first kiss is the best! We remember our date too because it was the day before our first date! Haha. Such a sweet post, love how you document the little things in life.

    1. haha BEFORE your first date? literally? or the next year? love it!

    2. Before! Can you believe it? Greg was bold, especially since it was his first first kiss! But we'd been hanging out for a long time before that:).

  6. It drives my husband crazy that I remember so many dates... I even know the date that he said that he loved me :)

    1. same!! glad i'm not the only one! :)

  7. Aw how sweet :) That was the most perfect song that could have come on the radio!!



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