Monday, April 22, 2013

husband's mom + grandma come to town!

visitors are the best!
this weekend chase's darling mom + grandma came to town.
we have been so spoiled and had the best time with them.
i couldn't be luckier to have shelley as a mother-in-law and ann too!
here are some pictures from the can definitely 
see where my husband gets his good looks!

^^ looking at the views from coit tower, and 
enjoying some boudin sourdough for lunch! ^^

^^ clam chowder at fisherman's wharf ^^
^^ ghirardelli, always a favorite stop. and this time we did segways!! ^^
^^ chase loved the segway the most, but we were so impressed
that his grandma tried one! she was a natural at it! ^^
^^ shelley was a natural too! ^^
^^ beautiful mom & daughter, and beautiful palace of fine arts with blossoms ^^
^^ a quick stop at the fortune cookie factory ^^
^^ fun times in chinatown including strolling, shopping, and custard tarts ^^
^^ one spoiled grandson..his grandma handed him $100 bills every place
we went to pay! we also made them try a boba drink in chinatown ^^
^^ gorgeous view of the city from twin peaks at night ^^
^^ mission of 30 treats we had this weekend! ^^

^^ of course i had to make sunday morning breakfast crepes 
for our guests...a little early for husband! ^^
 ^^ a little visit to the winchester mystery house ^^
 ^^ beautiful day for the palace of fine arts and walking along the water ^^
^^ fortune cookie factory + a visit to kate spade ^^
^^ fun dinner our last night outside in perfect weather^^

already missing you two!
thanks for everything!


  1. It's so fun when family comes to visit, looks like a great time. :)

  2. your weather looks gorgeous. i'll be honest. i'm jealous. ;)

  3. Looks like you guys had an amazing weekend. You are so lucky to have amazing in-laws- seriously, that's a rarity!!!! And look at Granny go on that segway!

  4. Ann is all about the Benjamins! Darling pictures!! Looks like you all had a blast@

  5. This is adorable! Love it all- and I could really go for a grilled cheese with tomato soup from Boudin right now. *drool* ;) ;)

  6. ahhh this makes me so excited for our move!
    we will be moving to the bay june! yay!


  7. it's the best when family comes to visit! we recently had my parents visit and it always feels like home when they're here : ) looks like you guys had a blast!

  8. when we lived in monterey and we had visitors come we would always have to take them up to SF, i love that city!! so many fun things to do, see and eat


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