Friday, August 9, 2013

a haircut for husband

last week we had a little date back in time..
chase invited me to go to his barber appointment with him, and at first i said, is that normal? girls don't go with guys to get their hair cut! he smiled and told me i didn't know what kind of barber shop this was. he was right-- i didn't! this was no modern salon. chase had discovered the cutest, retro barber shop near our apartment! we walked in and they offered us ice cold root beers. i waited and watched them do the haircut, complete with an old fashioned straight edge shave and a shoulder/ neck massage at the end! they know how to make a trip to the barber a good experience. i had no idea he had been going to such a cool place all this time, or i would have joined him much sooner!
love this guy and his stylin' hair!
{the barber told me chase has some of the best hair he has seen..ha i agree!}
happy friday, go find something old-fashioned to do.


  1. How cute! Kyle doesn't go to a barber, it's called clippers in the bathroom that ends up with a shaved head every 2 weeks haha.

  2. I love old school barber shops!! There area few left where I grew up. They have a bunch of places to resemble the old school barber shops out here in LA. His hair looks great and I think it's adorable you went with him!


  3. What a cute little shop. On the main street in the town I live in there is an old barber shop. They are the cutest little places. These pics were great and his cut looks awesome!

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