Monday, August 5, 2013


chase's first week working at google was great, and i'm so proud of him 
for getting this job. he LOVES it so far, but how could he not with such a 
fun environment and those perks? lucky guy..lucky me too, because 
1) i don't have to worry about his lunch/breakfast, and 2) i get invited 
up there once in a while to have lunch or dinner, so i get in on the 
perks too! the best part is that he is so passionate about his actual role..
and it's so fun to hear him talk about it and be so excited. i love my noogler!

^^ cutest new googler if you ask me ^^
^^ love all of the different & unique buildings at the google offices ^^
^^ fun to check my "find my friends" app and see him here! ^^
^^ lucky to be his official guest ^^
^^ but i did come bearing gifts-- a brand new set of cologne 
{he has never owned any..} and a new toiletry bag in there, so he can 
take it to work to use at the gym in the mornings. he deserved a first week 
of work present, so i brought it when i met him for lunch! ^^
^^ riding the google bikes after lunch ^^
^^ not only does google provide all food, it's amazing/healthy/fresh. ^^
^^ one of chase's breakfasts this week at work. poor guy! ^^
those are vanilla bean pancakes by the way...yum
^^ end of the week meeting with all new employees {notice the noogler hats!}
the two founders of google spoke at this-- wow! ^^
 on friday i picked chase up at the google bus shuttle stop and we went out 
to a celebratory dinner for his first week of work. i sure love this guy! 


  1. yay for new jobs! I love that term. Noogler. I think I'd never stop calling him that ;)

    1. i know-- funniest word! i think i will keep calling him that at least until his training is over hhaha xo

  2. How amazing!!!! Such a cool job he has.

  3. Looks like a lot of fun for both him and you! Way to go, Chase!

  4. Oh how fun! Nice to be the wife of a Google employee. Hello benefits.


  5. Wow, congrats! This looks like way to much fun up there!

  6. So awesome! Looks like a great place to work. Work benefits are the beeeesssst!

  7. How exciting! I love the perks!

  8. so much fun, i am so jealous.
    we are both jobless right now, definitely needing some of those perks.


  9. That has to be the best place to work! The bikes and the little propeller hats are just too much :)

  10. So amazing! All the food- wow! p.s. random question... how did you make your phone have a gold browser?! love that!

    1. oh that is just an app called find my friends! XOXO


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